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Email Communication With External Requesters

Table 19. Availability - Legacy plans


This is a native email integration feature that allows Wrike users in your account to communicate with people outside of Wrike by receiving and sending emails directly from Wrike tasks to external email addresses. This way, you can collaborate on tasks with external requesters without the need to add them to your Wrike account and avoid switching to email to provide updates.

To start using this feature, set your external request forms to allow email communication. In tasks created from these request forms, Wrike users will be able to communicate with external requesters via email and vice versa. An additional advantage of request forms is that they promote structured work intake, reducing back-and-forth email communication required to collect all needed information.


Emails are not visible in Global Stream and the Stream view. Emails are also not supported in Wrike's mobile apps.

Adjust request forms to allow email communication

Space admins can create and edit request forms in the space that they manage. Account owners and admins can create and edit all request forms in the account. On Enterprise accounts, this right can be restricted for account admins.

If you already had your external request forms set to collect users' names and emails, then in tasks created from such forms starting from the beginning of March 2022, you'll already have the ability to send emails to external requesters.

If the collection of names and emails was not enabled, you'll need to adjust the settings to allow email communication in tasks created from request forms. To do that:

  1. Start by editing an existing request form or creating a new one.

  2. Under Access settings on the right, check the Enable public link box. 1

  3. Then check the Add name and email fields box that appears. 2

  4. Click Publish if this is a new request form, or Save if you're editing an existing form. 3

Now in tasks that will be created from this request form, you'll be able to send an email directly from the comment section.

How it works for users inside Wrike

All users except for external users and collaborators can send emails to external requesters from comments in tasks that they have access to unless their access role restricts them.


On Enterprise accounts, the types of users who are allowed to use this functionality may differ due to user types settings.


Once the external request form is submitted, you receive a new task in Wrike. This task will have the option to Email to requester. 1 To send an email from Wrike, select this option while submitting a comment in the task.


Email communication is only available in work items created out of external request forms set to allow email communication. The supported work items are:

Alternatively, you can simply click the reply icon on comments in the task. If you reply to a comment added from the external requester's email, the Email to requester option will be selected automatically. If you reply to a comment that was added from an outgoing email to the requester, the reply will be an internal Wrike comment starting with the @mention of the user who sent the email from Wrike.


It's possible to send attachments in emails from Wrike if the total size of the attachments is no more than 25 MB.

Remember that once you send an attachment to an external requester via email, Wrike can no longer control who has access to it.

The requester then receives an email and replies to it in their email client. This email chain reply is added to the original Wrike task as a comment. Task assignees get only Inbox notifications about new emails received in Wrike. The notification is sent by Wrike Bot. Additionally, assignees and followers receive email notifications.

If you add a comment to the task without selecting Email to requester, this comment will not be available to the requester outside Wrike.

How it works for external requesters

When submitting the external request form, the requester will be asked to provide their name and email address. Once the form is submitted, the requester receives a confirmation email with the automatically generated request number. This number is the same as the created task ID in Wrike.



The confirmation email and all further email communication are sent to the requester from This email can't be changed.

Additionally, users cannot reply to the confirmation email. They can reply to the following email in the chain.

When a Wrike user sends an email reply to the request, the requester can simply reply to the email. Their reply will be added as a comment to the task in Wrike.


Is it possible to change the email address of the external user or add email recipients?

No, due to security limitations, it's not possible to change the email address of the requester or add additional recipients, CC, or BCC. Wrike can only send emails from a Wrike email address to those who agreed to this. Wrike users and those who submit external requests agree with our terms and conditions. That's why it's possible to send emails only to the original requester's email.

Is it possible to change the subject of the email?

Yes, you can change the email subject by simply clicking on it when creating a new email reply in Wrike. Be aware that changing the email subject starts a new email chain.