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Free Wrike accounts are made for individuals or teams that need project management software.


The new Free plan is available on some accounts and will be rolled out for all users on Free plans in the following months. With the updated Free plan you get subtasks and an unlimited number of users on the top of the features from the Free plan.


Users with a Free Wrike account can take advantage of:

Folders, projects, and spaces

Use folders, projects, and spaces to help you organize your work. Choose the tool that best fits your needs:

  • Spaces: help you build your account structure (by team, client, etc.)

  • Folders: are used for storing items within spaces

  • Projects: help you organize and manage bigger goals and projects

Tasks and subtasks

Use tasks and subtasks to track your work.

  • Tasks can serve as bigger goals within a specific project

  • Subtasks can be used as separate steps within a task


Please note that there is a limit of 200 active tasks (including subtasks) that can be created and used at the same time in your New Free account. When you reach the limit you won’t be able to create new tasks until you complete, cancel, or delete some of your active tasks. You will be seeing the red banner above Workspace which signals that the limit is about to be exceeded.


Comments and tagging

Keep information and conversations in one convenient location by adding comments directly to tasks, folders, or projects. Tag a teammate in a comment and invite them to join the discussion by using Wrike’s @mentioning feature.

Wrike’s Live Editor

Collaborate with your colleagues by taking advantage of the live editor feature in task, folder, and project description fields. As you make changes in the description section, your teammates instantly see your updates without having to download any new documents or without having to refresh the page.

File Sharing

Keep everyone on the same page by attaching documents directly to tasks, folders, and projects. Edit, update, and check past versions of attachments without having to waste time downloading or emailing information.

Mass Actions for Tasks

Mass actions help you save time by allowing you to make changes to several tasks at the same time. Use mass actions to: change a task's status, move a task, follow, and delete tasks. In addition to mass actions, you can filter your tasks by status, assignee, and date.

Real-time Activity Stream

Stay on top of the latest changes to your projects by using the real-time activity stream. Filter the stream to see the updates that make the most sense to you and comment on a task, folder, or project right from the stream if you need to.

Table View

Switch to the Table View to see tasks in a spreadsheet view or to see more tasks at one time.


Inbox helps keep you informed about your most important updates. Notifications appear in Inbox if you are: (1) @mentioned on a task, folder, or project, or (2) assigned a new task.

Email Integration

Use our email integration to update, create, and engage with Wrike tasks right from your email. Sending important action items to Wrike as tasks means that you and your team can easily work on projects together and helps ensure that everything stays organized in one place.

Cloud Storage Integrations

Wrike works with many well-known cloud storage platforms so that you can continue using your favorite platform but keep all related information together in Wrike. Create your file and then attach it to the relevant Wrike task, folder, or project, then whenever you need to you can easily access and edit your file right from Wrike.

Collaborator Licenses

Invite collaborators to work with you on your projects. Collaborator licenses are especially useful for when you need to share project plans with partners, clients, or contractors without enabling them to make a lot of changes to your tasks and folders.

iOS and Android Apps

Use Wrike even when you don't have access to a desktop or laptop by downloading our iOS or Android app.

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