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Wrike Lightspeed


Wrike Lightspeed is the latest innovation of Wrike’s platform, combining modern user experience, easy-to-use navigation, and elevated performance across powerful capabilities.


Check out these resources to discover the full power of Wrike Lightspeed:

How to enable Wrike Lightspeed

All users on all Wrike plans can enable Wrike Lightspeed for their personal accounts.

  1. Open your Wrike account and click on your profile picture. 1

  2. In the list that appears find the Try Lightspeed toggle and switch it on. 2


You can disable Wrike Lightspeed anytime the same way (and if you do please, leave us some feedback).


Wrike Lightspeed has been gradually rolled out to new accounts since October 2022. Accounts created before that are to be upgraded to Lightspeed by the end of 2023. Our product team is still working to ensure that features that are currently in use will be available by the time of the release to all accounts.

If you don't see the option to enable or disable Wrike Lightspeed in your profile menu that means that your account was already fully switched to Lightspeed.

What is included

Simplified navigation and new design

Everything you are looking for now can be found in one place - the New Sidebar. All the spaces, tools, folders, and projects as well as smart folders - it is all there.

You can switch from one space to another without having to do many clicks, just click on the space name and select another from the list. The All Spaces mode allows you to have all the spaces visible so you can switch between them with ease. Pinned items are also available with a single click.

We have focused on providing the most space for your content with single-panel navigation and a more concise header. Moreover, the side panel can be collapsed and opened with a hover only when needed.


The new design is customizable. The top section in the sidebar is personalizable so you get to choose items you want to see there. Search and your profile menu are also now a part of the new Sidebar. Views in folders, projects, and spaces can be reordered to bring up the ones of your choice.


You might notice another change to your navigation experience - the Home page is no longer the first thing you see when you open your Wrike workspace. With everything available in the sidebar, we've eliminated the need for a Home page, allowing you to jump right back into your work. Plus, we've made it even easier for you by remembering where you left off when you closed the workspace last time.

Item view

The new Item View might be familiar to those who have embraced using Custom Item Types. When you enable Wrike Lightspeed all your tasks, projects, folders, and custom items will be displayed in the Item view instead of the classic Task view and Project info panel. Here’s how it works:

  • Now all your tasks, items, projects, and folders will be viewed in the same view, instead of having separate layouts for tasks, projects, folders, and custom items.

  • The new Item view is faster so you can enjoy a more performant experience.

  • The fields panel is collapsed so you can focus more on the item’s description, but you can bring it back with just one click.


Table view

The Table view allows you to view your work in a spreadsheet-like format. With this Table view, you get:

  • New and improved UI

  • Improved performance and faster loading.

  • Items are opened in the right panel (instead of overlay), allowing for easier work with both a specific item and the overall structure at the same time.

  • Easier task management with one click editing option

  • Improved custom field management. You can create and manage custom fields in a couple of clicks.

  • Color-coding support for date, numeric, and multi-select custom fields, clickable links support in text type custom fields.

  • Custom field roll-up is available on the item/subitem level, not only on a folder/project level.

  • Priority sorting for projects and folders in addition to tasks.

  • Extended Custom Item Types support: in the New Table view custom item types icons are visible, it is possible to create new custom item types right from the item creation menu


New Board view

The New Board view is an improved version of the Board view with a lot of new functionality. What’s new:

  • Updated design and UI

  • Subtasks are visible as part of the board cards. Click on the subtask counter to see the full list of subtasks.

  • Now you can change the assignee and dates of your items right from the card without opening it: click on the relative icon to open the assignee picker or date picker.

  • It is possible to change status and importance, delete tasks, copy an item’s link, and do other actions with a handy context menu available both for parent item cards and subitem cards.

  • Space/account admins with the rights to edit workflows can make changes to workflows directly from the Board view, for example, they can change the status name and color, delete some statuses or add new ones.

  • Items are opened in the right panel (instead of overlay), allowing for easier work with both a specific item and the overall structure at the same time.

  • Better performance and scalability.

  • More things can be displayed on the item/task card. You can choose what fields to show on the cards, including custom fields.

  • Easier custom field management. Creating and managing custom fields now can be done with a couple of clicks.


Chart view

Chart view is an exciting new feature that helps project managers and leaders gain valuable insights into their work. With Chart view, users can easily perform their own analysis without relying on a data analyst. This visual and user-friendly analytical solution is a game changer for those who want to work efficiently and effectively and be data-driven without being overwhelmed by data.

Chart view offers a new view alongside other views at the space, folder, or project levels. When opened, Chart view presents you with a preset of two metrics and their associated charts. You can also add your own metrics, and each metric comes with its own chart. You can change the charts freely, and there are even more data breakdowns available.