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Wrike Lightspeed FAQ

What is Wrike Lightspeed?

Wrike Lightspeed is the latest cutting-edge enhancement of Wrike’s platform. Its goal is to provide a seamless user journey, user-friendly interface, and heightened efficiency across its features.

Where can I learn more about it?

Right here! Check out our dedicated Wrike Lightspeed section on the Help Center. If you want to get deeper, check out our one-hour Community training session now available on Wrike Discover.

Be sure to follow our Community’s Weekly Release Notes forum as well where we share all updates, big and small, every week, every Monday. You can also join the conversation on Community and chat with our team and other Wrike users about all things Wrike.

How does Wrike Lightspeed differ?

Wrike Lightspeed is your current Wrike workspace but with improved views, new capabilities, and design enhancements. It’s a combination of what you love about Wrike, with some improved functionality, as well as brand new additions like Chart view.

Wrike Lightspeed is tailor-made for teams, departments, and entire organisations to collaborate seamlessly. Launching with a sleek UI and a fully connected experience, it's a giant leap forward from the previous version of Wrike.

Is your Help Center content fully updated to reflect the Wrike Lightspeed updates?

Not yet. For now, if you’re using Wrike Lightspeed be sure to check out our Wrike Lightspeed Help Center section for information on all of the new features and enhancements. For the rest of the Help Center, content will be updated in phases to align with the Wrike Lightspeed rollout.

Note: This means that your workspace may look slightly different from what you currently see in a given Help Center article depending on which version of Wrike you're account is running (Wrike Lightspeed enabled or not).

With that said, if something here is causing you confusion, please do let us know now via the 'Was this article helpful?' survey at the bottom of the Help Center page in question.

How can I access Wrike Lightspeed?

We started introducing Wrike Lightspeed to new accounts in October 2022 and started switching all existing accounts in July 2023 - a process that has been completed.

Will it be possible to go back to the previous views after the transition?

As we fully implement Wrike Lightspeed across all accounts, a return to the previous views won't be possible. However, we understand the need for a period of adjustment. With this in mind, we're retaining some views such as the List view for a bit longer to help smooth the transition. Keep an eye on the Community Release Notes for more information on this in the coming months.

Is Wrike Lightspeed available on all plans?

Yes! Wrike Lightspeed is available on all types of accounts.

Is there an additional cost for Wrike Lightspeed?

There’s no additional cost for this.

How can I access Chart view?

Chart view is currently available in all Wrike accounts created after August 15, 2023, as well as accounts already rolled-out to Wrike Lightspeed. For other cases, you can enable it in Wrike Labs for your individual workspace.

Will existing setups, workflows, reports, custom views etc. carry over to the new interface?

That’s the plan! We’re striving to make the transition as smooth as possible for you.

Where was the workspace search moved to?

In Wrike Lightspeed, the Search tool, as well as your profile picture with the access to settings, recycle bin, and Apps & Integrations, is moved to the left-hand sidebar to ensure all navigation elements are in one place.

What’s the plan for the Home page?

To make sure you can access all your work in one navigation panel, we have moved your spaces, tools, and the pinned section to the left-hand sidebar for quick and easy access. You can now also customize the sidebar - you can set it up to only show the most used tools and hide the ones you don’t need that often, as well as customize the list of your spaces. The sidebar replaces the Home page to reduce the number of clicks and time you need to navigate to your work.

Still have questions?

Head to our Community to chat with other Wrike users or directly with Wrike’s Community team.

Where can I check the Project start or finish date in a Wrike Lightspeed account?

In the updated Project view, start and finish date fields are unified under a single Date field (just like in tasks). In the Table view, however, you can still see and use the Start and Due date as two separate columns.

How do I manage my custom fields on a certain folder/project in the Wrike Lightspeed UI?

To manage custom fields for the selected project/folder/project-type item utilize the 'Fields' section in the New Table view. It allows you to search, enable/disable, and create new custom fields.


In Wrike Lightspeed accounts, custom field management is also available on the Space and Account level settings.