Have you tried the New Wrike Experience? Enable the New Wrike Experience now in Labs. If you are using the Classic Wrike Experience please visit our Classic Wrike Experience Help Center.

New Wrike Experience FAQs

Based on user feedback, research, and investigation, we knew our UI and UX needed improvement, so we set about rethinking Wrike. Our goal is to empower you to use Wrike in the way that works best for you while helping your team to work as one. The New Experience brings a fresh look to your workspace, making it easier to navigate Wrike and quickly access your work.

If your Wrike home page looks like this, with the logo in the middle, then you're using the New Wrike Experience:

If Wrike looks like this when you open it, with the logo on the left-hand side, then you’re using the Classic version of Wrike:

The New Wrike Experience aims to make it even easier for you to do the best work of your life. It effectively changes how you can organize, view, manage, and interact with your work in Wrike. You can enable it now in Wrike Labs and learn more about the functionality in the Getting Started section. If you're looking for resources related to the Classic Wrike Experience, please visit our Classic Wrike Experience Help Center.

This Help Center has recently been updated and now contains resources related to the New Wrike Experience. If you're using the Classic Wrike Experience, please visit our new Classic Wrike Experience Help Center. Here, you'll find resources related to the Classic Wrike Experience.

If you’re not already using the New Wrike Experience, you can enable it in Wrike Labs.

The New Experience can be enabled per individual account. Once enabled, you'll see that your ‘My Home’ page in Wrike contains new elements and an updated navigation, which will allow you to personalize your experience, making it easier for you to find and manage work in Wrike.

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