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Blueprints in Wrike

Table 1. Availability - Legacy plans


All users except collaborators can create blueprints and create items from blueprints. Collaborators can view blueprints shared with them.

Blueprints are a template for creating new work items, you create a task, folder, or project blueprint, and then can easily create new versions of this work item with any relevant changes. Even if you add due dates or assignees to a blueprint, it will not be displayed in to-do lists, dashboards, or reports.

In Wrike blueprints are available on account level and on space level.

Use blueprints when you have similar tasks, folders, or projects that recur often. Launching a blueprint means you can use it to quickly create a task, folder, or project with attributes you've already specified. Blueprints have more advanced functionality than simply duplicating a task, folder, or project.


There's a limit of 4000 items created from blueprints and/or duplicated per every 7 days. Every time you create an item from a blueprint or duplicate an item, Wrike checks if the limit has been reached in the previous 7 days. If the limit is reached, you won't be able to create new items from blueprints or via duplication. You can try again in the following days, e.g., if you created 4000 items on a Tuesday, you can create more items only next Tuesday.

With blueprints you can:


Users on Free and Professional accounts can use Templates rather than Blueprints. Templates are a way of achieving the same basic function as Blueprints, but without some increased functionality.

How to find Blueprints

Your account blueprints are located in the Blueprints section. To access account blueprints that are shared with you or you created:

  • Open Space selector and click Blueprints.

  • Open Search bar in the top navigation panel and type in Blueprints.

Request forms and blueprints

You can set up a request form to create a task, folder, or project from a blueprint. If you do, every time someone uses the form to submit a request, a task or project is created from the nominated blueprint. Note that when using a request form to create a task from a blueprint, the specified location in the blueprint will not be applied to the task.