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Adding Tasks to Folders, Projects, and Spaces

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Use folders, projects, and spaces as tags by adding tasks there. Folder, project, and space tags appear to the right of a task’s name in List view or Task view.

You can add one task to multiple locations in Wrike.

Add tasks to folders, projects, and spaces from Task view and List view

There are a few ways to tag a task:

  • Drag the necessary folder or project from the left-hand navigation panel onto a task. Note that this way you can tag tasks with projects and folders only within one space.

  • Click the + button under a task's title in Task view and then choose the appropriate folder, project, or space.

The task is added to the folder, project, or space (in addition to any locations it was previously in). The names of all folders, projects, and spaces the task appears in are displayed under the task's name (like tags).


When you add a task to a folder, project, or space, it's automatically shared with everyone who has access to this location.

To tag multiple tasks at one time:

  1. Navigate to a folder, project, or space where tasks are located.

  2. Switch to List view.

  3. Click the Mass Edit icon at the top of List view.

  4. Click the checkmarks to the left of task names.

  5. Drag a folder or project tag from the left-hand navigation panel onto the task list. Or click the Add to option, which appears on the panel to the right of the list. From here you can select any folder, project, or space in the account.



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