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Adding Tasks to Folders, Projects, and Spaces

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Use folders, projects, and spaces as tags by adding tasks there. Folder, project, and space tags appear below the task's name in the Item view.

You can add one task to multiple locations in Wrike.

Add tasks to folders, projects, and spaces from Item view and Table view

There are a few ways to tag a task:

From Item view

  1. Navigate to a folder, project, or space where tasks are located.

  2. Open a task 1 you want to tag in Item view.

  3. Click the + 2 icon located under the task name and then choose the appropriate folder, project, or space.


The task is added to the folder, project, or space (in addition to any locations it was previously in). The names of all folders, projects, and spaces the task appears in are displayed under the task's name (like tags).


When you add a task to a folder, project, or space, it's automatically shared with everyone who has access to this location.

To tag multiple tasks at one time from Table view:

  1. Navigate to a folder, project, or space where tasks are located.

  2. Switch to Table view.

  3. Select the tasks which you want to tag by checking the box to the left of the task names.

  4. Click the Location icon located above the list of tasks at the top-right corner of the Table view.

  5. Click the Add to option and select the location where you want to tag the tasks.

  6. The tasks have been tagged under the specified location.



You can also change location by enabling the “ Location” field from Table view and Board view.

Add tasks to folders, projects, and spaces using Permalinks in Table view

Alternatively we can add the existing tasks to projects, folders, or space through permalinks,  to do so:

  1. Navigate to the relevant folder, project, or space where you want to add the existing task and open it in Table view 1.

  2. Click on the + Item 2.

  3. Paste the permalink of the existing task.


The same action can also be done in the table portion of the Gantt chart view.

The task is now added to the designated location.



You can also change the location of the tasks by dragging and dropping them to different locations (folder, project, or space).

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