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Finding Permalinks for Tasks, Folders, Projects, and Spaces

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There are a couple of ways to find the permalink for custom items, tasks, folders, or projects.

Finding permalinks of a view (Table view / Board view / Gantt Chart view / Custom views)



This is a link to a particular view of the project/folder.

  1. Access a folder, project, or space and switch to the appropriate view (Table/Board/Gantt chart/Custom views) 1.

  2. Right-click or select the three dots next to the current view (Table/Board/Gantt Chart/Custom Views).

  3. Click Copy link to this view in the menu that appears 2.

The permalink is automatically copied to your clipboard.

Find permalinks for tasks, folders, or projects in Item View

  1. Navigate to a folder or project and open its info panel 1.

  2. Click the icon 2 positioned in the upper-right corner of the item view.

  3. Clicking the permalink icon opens a window with the permalink already highlighted 3. You can copy it using keyboard shortcuts (Win: CTRL+C, Mac: CMD+C) or by right-clicking on the highlighted text and selecting Copy.

Find permalinks for spaces

  1. Navigate to the relevant space.

  2. Click the three-dot menu icon next to the info button 1.

  3. Select Copy permalink from the menu that appears 2.

The permalink is automatically copied to your clipboard and you can paste it anywhere.

Finding Space Permalinks: Sidebar Navigation

  1. Navigate to the relevant space in the sidebar.

  2. Click on the three dots next to the desired space to reveal a list of options.

  3. Select Copy link 3 to copy the permalink for that space.

  4. Paste the copied permalink wherever needed.

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