[From Wrike] The New Wrike Experience is now in Labs! 📦

Hi, everyone!
As you may know, our team has been working hard on a New Experience in Wrike. Today, we’re excited to announce that after multiple iterations and a whole lot of feedback, it's available in Labs 🎉
Why a New Experience? 🔍
Based on user feedback, research, and investigation, we knew our UI and UX needed improvement, so we set about rethinking Wrike. The New Experience brings a fresh look to your workspace, making it easier to navigate across Wrike and quickly access your work. The goal is to enable you to use Wrike in the way that works best for you while helping your team to work as one.
What will I find in Labs?
In Labs, you’ll see the New Experience that combines My Home, custom views, and tools in spaces.  
New Experience
After you enable the New Experience, My Home will be the first thing you see in Wrike. Your new home page contains links to all of your Spaces, applications, etc. and is highly customizable. 
In the Pinned section, you can pin folders, projects, or even dashboards, workloads, and reports for quick and easy access to the tools you use most.
Space admins can also create and manage Wrike tools (calendars, dashboards, workload) at the Space level so everyone has access to the same info. 
The folder tree is now simpler too. It’s divided into Spaces to show you only the most relevant information. 
When you enable it in Labs, the New Experience will be available in your individual account. 
Custom Views
Custom views adds work structure for your team. This feature allows you to save view settings for every project or folder using filters, sorting, and columns so all team members see the same thing. Only the saved views will be shown in the project/folder header. 
Since this feature works across team members, it needs to be enabled for the entire account by your account admin or owner.
A huge thank-you to all of the Community members who took part in the beta test of the New Experience and shared their feedback. Your insights are vital to the way we shape and evolve Wrike, so please share your thoughts on the New Experience here in the comments, or in the feedback section in Labs.
If you have any questions, be sure to let us know 👍

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Elaine Wrike Team member Learn about Wrike’s killer features and best practices with our Online Training Webinars

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After playing around with this for just a few minutes, it seems like the UI is shifting to be Space-focused. Our team hasn't really had the time to fully implement Spaces so I am concerned that this will be a huge change for us when it's fully implemented. 

Do you guys have an estimate of when this will be fully rolled out? I want to make sure I have time to implement and get the team comfortable with Spaces before this change is live. 

Overall, this is definitely much cleaner!

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Anna Wallace You can create spaces as you go. If you haven't implemented them yet it won't matter much. Everything a person has access to but is not part of a space he is a member of is in the "Shared with me" section.


Regarding "tools" implementation I have some questions:

  • What 3 tools are at the top?
  • How do you change/customize it?
  • Where are the reports?
  • Will we be able to just pin some of our favorite tools to be shown all the time?

My admin bot (holder of all standardized maintained dashboards) just would not load with New Exp. enabled.

  • Do they really have to be in the same section with navigation? I really liked New Navigation/Experience Betas for excluding Huge parts of loading time and now to use tools we need to wait for folder structure to load again.
  • Will we still have to go to reports and steam via "home"? Not that we use steam often but out of 1000 people somebody is always trying/using something.

I also want to remind that project filtering is still non-optionally on in the navigation panel. And non-optionally off in list view if tasks from subfolders are disabled. It is always not a problem when you have 10-20 projects in a folder. But when you have a history of development projects stored in a folder created via request form dating back a few years in is annoying. By that point table view where you can enjoy new project filters (but empty projects are still shown for some reason if I am filtering tasks) takes too long to load.

I am not being negative. I hope I don't sound like it. I just think that feedback is needed to create a system that is easy and simple to use for users.

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Agree with Anna that this is more Spaces-focused but I am loving it. Clean and calm. Working in one space at a time really reduces the noise and clutter, especially with dashboards, calendars, etc. Lots of potential!

I am not seeing a way to crosstag a "tool" though. For example, I want to create a calendar but have it appear in multiple spaces.

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I kind of like the Home layout which provides a more "app-like" visual to elements within Wrike. I also like the ability to customize and set up each space with its own set of "tools" and provide a cleaner subset of navigation for just that space.

However, I really don't like that I have lost the left navigation tree and the top menu. This actually makes the interface much LESS efficient as I have to hop around to get where I want to go, and can't go to it as direct as before.

For example, if I am in a Space or Folder and want to go to my Timesheet, I have to go home and then go to Timesheet. I no longer have a menu to be able to quickly go there.

To get from a project, space or any other area to Reports, I have to go Home and then to Reports.

This is a consistent interface design choice which I find a huge step backwards. For someone like myself that is an admin of our Wrike platform, I am in the software all day, every day. And having to constantly go back to Home to go to any other area is a horrible choice by the product team.

I usually leave about 5 tabs open at a time so that I can have projects, calendars, reports, my dashboard, and the admin sections open at the same time. This way I don't have to jump back and forth between project work and reports and workload charts. I use the Projects tab I have open to jump around between projects while having quick access to the reports and workload chart, for example.

But I still jump around between projects and spaces on that tab to manage different projects. I jump to my timesheet, or back and forth between calendars and timesheets. Now to jump between a Sales project and a Design project I have to go back Home and then to the other Space.

Bottom line is I move around a lot, and I find this New Experience much less navigation friendly.

Please at least bring back menus and integrate them into this new layout. I need to be able to quickly go to other resources without having to constantly go back to Home.

One idea would be that the top navigation area which now has a home icon, inbox, and the space you are currently in should have a drop down to jump to other spaces.

The old menu items of Time sheets, Dashboards, Reports, etc. should also be easily accessible from the UI without having to return to Home, even if it was a drop down as well.

Also, the old icon (hamburger?) for hiding the left hand navigation was much easier to find and use. The little tiny triangle midway down the screen in the New Experience is less usable. You have to find it first as it isn't visible, then click on it (it's small) without clicking on other things behind it. Bring back the easy to use icon from before.

Bottom line for me is that changes in UI design should improve usability and efficiency; and while this new experience makes the left navigation much shorter because it only has 1 space in it at a time, in my opinion the overall navigation flow has reduced efficiency requiring more navigation to get where you want to go.


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Overall i like the look and feel of the new experience, but I'm facing the same navigation problems as Jason before pointed out.

I also favor some sort of drop-down menus in the top breadcrumb navigation to quickly change spaces or switch to other places more efficient.

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Hey everyone! 👋 Thanks so much for reaching out with the feedback and questions!

Anna Wallace You’re right, the New Experience is Space-focused to make it easier to concentrate on particular work. We'll be sharing the timeline in the coming weeks for roll-out, but rest assured that you will have time to get you and your team comfortable with Spaces and the New Experience. There are multiple resources available to help you work with Spaces, including webinars, Wrike Discover e-learning courses, and Best Practice guides like this one 🙂 Please let me know if you’d like me to arrange a call with your Account Manager. Feel free to reach out if you have any more questions!

Admin Bot If you’re talking about your “My Home” environment, you can customize the applications and hide the ones you don’t use regularly:

As for the tools that are associated with particular Spaces, if a Space has such tools, they will be visible on top of the folder tree:

It shows the first three tools in alphabetical order. Our Product team is considering custom order as a potential future enhancement, so thank you for pointing that out! 

For your favorite tools, you can also use the Bookmarks section and pin them there. Reports and Stream are only accessible via the Home button. For the Reports, the team is also considering adding them here in the future.

Thanks for sharing your feedback about this setting, our Product team are all ears for your thoughts! 

I’d recommend contacting our Support team in regards to the admin bot, please let me know if you’d like me to raise a ticket and I’ll be happy to assist.

Thank you for sharing your thoughts on project filtering as well! Our team is very eager to receive as much feedback as possible 🙂

Nathan Jones We’re very happy to hear you like the New Experience! 🙌

When creating a Calendar in the Tool section of a particular Space, you can still add it in the Bookmarks section of a different Space. Hope this helps!

Jason Pontius Peter Piskun Thank you for providing this feedback, that's extremely valuable! I passed it on to the team. I’d also like to mention the Bookmarks section here - you can bookmark folders, projects, reports, dashboards, and more here to have quick access to them. Hope this makes it easier for you to be able to access what you need - please let me know what you think! 

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Lisa Wrike Team member Become a Wrike expert with Wrike Discover

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Thank you for the replies.


Regarding Bookmarks, this doesn't really help the ability to move around the platform more efficiently. This is only helpful if you have a specific target you want to go to from a specific source location. For example, if you are in a particular Space and want to go to a specific Report, you can bookmark it. But jumping around between spaces and projects, quickly getting to reports, dashboards, time sheets would require countless bookmarks across every bookmark folder so you would have those navigational elements handy everywhere.

Bookmarks are also clunky in the desktop app. When using the app and not a web browser, you can't create bookmarks to a number of things like calendars, dashboards, workflow charts, reports, time sheets, etc.  As far as I know from within the app the only items you can easily copy permalinks from and thus create bookmarks are tasks, projects, and folders. I would have to open a web browser, go to Wrike, navigate to the item I want such as a calendar, then copy the URL from the browser, go back to the app, and paste it into a bookmark. This is very inconvenient and one of the reasons I don't use very many bookmarks. I feel that they are not very well implemented. The process is way too manual. Why do I have to hunt down a URL to add a bookmark to a native Wrike object? When you create a bookmark, you should be able to choose from an external URL type bookmark or an internal Wrike object. If it is inside Wrike, you should be able to browse to it, select it, and done. For example, you want your vacation calendar in a bookmark; create a new bookmark, select Wrike Object, Calendar, choose my calendar. Same for a project: create a new bookmark, select Wrike Object, Space, Project, maybe a folder, then select the project. It's just a tree or a drill down like you would have in a traditional file open dialog.

Or another idea would be to create a bookmark from the target object. On a calendar, Project, Task, Dashboard, etc. when you click on the Permalink icon, Create a Bookmark can be an option (or it can be its own icon). Then you are given the option of what Bookmarks folder you want to add it to. There are only as many bookmarks folders as there are spaces from what I can tell, so this would be a really simple approach. On any target object click on Create Bookmark, select your Space, and your done!  Way better than the current method. 


The Tools section in each space allows me to create new items, but what about all the calendars, workload charts, and dashboards that already exist? How can I add existing ones to a tools section? How do I share/copy Tools items from one space to another? I see that there is now a location setting for a workload chart for example, which will move it to a different space, but how do you put the same object in multiple spaces? Bookmarks probably the only way? Then it's inconsistent because you would have the same calendar, for instance, in the tools section of one space but in the bookmarks in 2 other spaces. Confusing to end users.

Dashboards created in the Tools section now show up in the main Dashboards list. So once you start creating dashboards for every space to put in the Tools section, the main dashboards section will have a long drop down of every dashboard in the system. I don't like this at all. This drop down should at least be organized into sections or something, or a dashboards landing page with different sections instead of just a drop down to choose the dashboard. I only have about 6 dashboards currently shared between different user groups, but I wouldn't want very many more. I already have to double check to make sure I choose the right one. I couldn't image having to scroll through 50 dashboards to find the one I want. We have 9 spaces, if each one had a few dashboards that's 35 to 40 dashboards total; and all of them show up in the main dashboard section? Difficult to manage.

I just noticed that all calendars, dashboards, and workload charts now have to belong to a space. They are no longer considered global. If I go to Calendars and create a new one, I MUST assign a space. I honestly hate this. Not every item I create is Space-centric. We have general calendars and workload charts that are company wide, not specific to a department or a scope of work. So why do they have to be assigned a space? The only option is to default it to my Personal space, which is awful. The product dev team should have a "global" setting under the hood for items that are not for a specific space.

And any existing items of these created in the past now show up in my Personal space. So all of my dashboards, calendars, and workload charts that existed in Wrike show up in my Personal space Tools section. I have over 20 "Tools" in my Personal space. This makes no sense and is a pain. I should only have Tools that I choose to use in my Personal space and not everything I ever created.

The Tools feature should allow a select few items to be chosen to be placed there for efficiency and convenience. It should not require that ALL items live inside of Tools. This defeats the purpose. If we have 35 items between all of our calendars, workload charts, dashboards, etc. I don't want the Tools section to have a disorganized drop down list of 35 items. I only want to put the top 3+ items there for convenience. Otherwise, this feature is useless. Only 3 show up at a time anyway in the navigation panel. Why include 20, 30 or 40 items if only 3 show up with the rest being a drop down?

If I want all of my dashboards, I will go to Home> Dashboards; for all Calendars, I'll go to Home > Calendars.  The Tools section should not be everything, it should be just a hand picked few that are of most interest.

I feel that these implementation are not complete and well executed. The overall experience is poorer than the current interface; less efficient, less usable in certain areas, clunkier navigation around the platform, the forcing of certain constraints such as items having to belong to a specific space, etc. It's easy to get caught up on the eye candy of the new home page, and how the spaces provide less information in the navigation panel (cleaner or less usable??), and how there is a new "tools" feature (helpful, overfloweth, or more constraining??). But you can't overlook the end result of how it is used each and every day by thousands of users. 

My opinion is that in an effort to achieve a "portal" or "home screen" type of interface, the rest of it has suffered. The new structure is forced into the app without properly addressing the ramifications of usability and the elements downstream in the interface.  Why do we have to click around more now than before? Why are we more limited in where we create objects? Why does my Personal space now overflow with objects I have created in the past rather than providing a palette of the most useful?

I am not convinced that this is an overall improvement in the app. If I had to choose, I would consider staying on the current interface until this new experience is refined and improved.

Thank you.


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Hi, I really miss the filter we had before. Some of my spaces have tons of projects and folders, and since I can’t create custom ordering (BIG missing feature in Wrike) I relied heavily on the filtering search box.



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Jason Pontius Al Sape Thanks so much for your feedback, the team is reviewing it. 

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Lisa Wrike Team member Become a Wrike expert with Wrike Discover

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We see some key benefits:

  • Cleaner look, less cluttered due to Space-filtered folder tree
  • Hopefully this will also impact performance positively since the rendering in the browser should be limited as well. In the recent past and currently, we've been experiencing loading time issues, unresponsive pages, etc. We could not test this broadly yet, but would appreciate some feedback from you about this: has the New Wrike Experience developments taken into account the optimization of performance?

These are pain points we've encountered:

  • Tools in Spaces is fantastic, but currently limited to "only" Dashboards, Workload and Calendar - which are not the apps we use mostly. Workflows are located and accessible in a different way (right upper corner > settings > workflows), and Request Forms are again somewhere else (right upper corner > request forms). This is very inconsistent and frankly a bit confusing. Especially now that you have the "Tools" section on the left, this would be the ideal place to collect all tools relevant to Space Admins to empower them.
  • Change in navigation logic (go back to Home for change in Space, new Dashboard-like Home screen, etc.) will lead to some training & change management needs with our users. We do have power users and admins who can support this internally, but before we create any training material ourselves from scratch: what material are you planning to release? Will there be a section in Wrike Discover (interactive training) that we can use/ link in our material?
  • Since we are a big account with more than 12.000 users, you might imagine how well we need to plan such a major layout/ navigation logic change, or else we face rejection from the users and unwillingness to use the tool Wrike. A key aspect for us is to know the timeline. When are you planning to go live as a public release with this?
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That is very interesting Christina Fischer.  Would you be willing to share, even a a high-level in case it's sensitive, what activity your team is doing with Wrike.  That is quite a team!  I have a lot of things I'm trying to take care of in my Instance from Content management, marketing, simple task management, software development (my main activity), product management, customer support and requests.


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Please find my strong opinions below!

Describe, Not Prescribe
Completely agree with Anna Wallace 's point on the new experience being Space-oriented. Our team got Wrike before Spaces were developed, so our entire workspace relies on the Shared With Me section - this has been working well for us, so it would be unfortunate to have Wrike prescribe how to use our workspace, rather than allow us to configure it to suit our needs.

Make the Home Page Fully Customizable
In the new experience, it looks like you can reorder Recent, Pinned, and Spaces, but you can't reorder the far right menu (My To-do, Created By Me, etc.) - why is this? As I mentioned above, Shared With Me holds all of our work, and it's 7th on the list (see screenshot). Preferably, I'd want the ability to completely customize this section of the home page (or even customize at the account level, so that all users have the tools we want prioritized front and center). 

Pins vs. Stars
Thank you thank you thank you for renaming the starred folders and projects! This was a much-needed distinction, and I think it's handled very well here. Per my previous point above, I would also love to see the option to include your Starred Tasks on the new home page, much like the Dashboard widget. 

Don't Hide the Folder Tree
Like Jason Pontius , I'm also frustrated by the missing access to the folder tree. I too use our folder structure frequently to navigate when working on several projects at once, and the visible folder tree helps give context and location for Inbox notifications. While I understand the interest in simplifying views, the current experience already had an elegant solution to that - a collapsible folder tree view. Why was this removed?
(This issue goes the other way too - when I've found my project in Shared With Me, it looks like I no longer have the option to collapse the folder tree so I can focus on that project and its tasks.)

Bring Back the Filter
Al Sape explained it well, but I'd also like to add - the Search bar is not a good substitute for the Filter, because Search does not return all results queried (ie, it only returns about 14 projects). I currently have a ticket open with Wrike Support and my CSM about this problem, as our team creates many projects over the year and easily max out Search (especially when it pulls in archived projects as well) - we've been told that the cap on results is a feature, not a bug, so removing the Filter would make it virtually impossible to find projects.

Other Home Page Notes
The spacing on the new home page is odd for me (using Chrome) - from the screenshot, you can see that the Inbox doesn't expand to the left side.

What was the reasoning behind moving the Request button to the opposite side? It seems like an unnecessary change for users to adapt to, without any additional benefits (ie, I would have loved to see more clarification around that icon so that it's obvious that that's where request forms live, etc.).

The Pinned section no longer displays in alphabetical order (see screenshot), and you can no longer drill down to see subfolders or projects inside the pinned folder - this was useful to avoid having to pin multiple projects by referencing the folder they live in instead.

Overall, I'm not thrilled with what seems like an attempt to tell users how they should use Wrike (Wrikesplaining, if you will) and the amount of additional clicks that forced view comes with. If the new experience could be customized to meet both the needs of a beginner and expert user, I think it would be much more powerful.

Thank you,

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Back with some more feedback!

I agree with Jason Pontius--it seems like the navigation has taken a step back in some ways. It's very cumbersome for me to have to go back to the home screen every time I want to navigate somewhere else. I think there is a huge opportunity to add some sort of breadcrumbs, or even better to me, a recently or frequently accessed menu at the top of the workspace. That would make navigating the workspace a lot quicker and honestly, less annoying. 


Additionally, the removal of pinned folders within the folder tree seems like a big loss to me. I am getting acquainted with Spaces for the first time so there might be a way around it. 

Lastly, I can see the benefit of Spaces within large teams, but we're rather small (9 users). Dividing our work into Spaces seems unnecessary because we're not working in them the way other teams are.

For example, if you have 100+ users in Wrike, your work is likely very specialized so you are probably working within the same space for most of your day. Because we only have 9, we are constantly jumping back and forth between Spaces, which might be why I feel annoyed with the new navigation. 

Thank you for the suggestion, Lisa! I think I will be reaching out to the Wrike team soon to figure out how we can structure our workspace.

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Hello again, everyone! Thanks a lot for your continued feedback on the New Experience here! 

Christina Fischer We are planning to launch the new UX this year contingent on positive user feedback and market acceptance. Resources will be shared by that time, and we’ll be actively announcing them here on the Community as well. Performance optimization is the team’s main focus here, of course. 

The team will continue to improve a lot of the functionality, including Tools in Spaces. Thanks for providing feedback!

Carolanne Mak Thank you for such detailed feedback! The team will definitely consider all the points shared on this thread. They are now looking at the folder tree visibility enhancement, interface (the spacing on the new home page), and other things. We’ll be sharing more details once everything is finalized. 

Anna Wallace Thank you for getting back to me and sharing more feedback! The team is definitely looking at the interface right now, thanks for bringing that up! And please let me know if you need any assistance in connecting with your Account Manager!

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Just started using the New Experience today and first up, the navigation has become a lot less efficient, echoing what many others have said. Continually going back to Home to go to a new Space, to get to a Project/Folder doesn't make sense, and has slowed down navigation a lot. 


The default spacing between the project/folders is also wider, meaning i have to scroll more often. Consider Gmail style, allowing the user to select density. 

Should "Shared with Me" be considered a Space? Like others, we started using Wrike before Spaces so have historical project/folders still there. 



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Hi all, a quick follow up here.

We wanted to thank you for all of the feedback you've been sharing with us, it's much appreciated. We wanted to also give you the opportunity to ask any questions you have in an 'Ask Me Anything' session with our Product team directly. Ivan Saveliev is one of the Product Managers working on the New Experience and he will be getting back to your queries the week of the 6th of July on the thread linked above. 

Thanks again for all of your support and insight 👍

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Elaine Wrike Team member Learn about Wrike’s killer features and best practices with our Online Training Webinars

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Follow up:

The more I have used this new layout the less I like it. At first glance it looks pretty, and I still like the idea of a portal/dashboard landing page, but I am liking the overall navigation less and less. As we have all discussed in this thread, it is less efficient, requiring jumping back and forth all over the place. I have tried using it for a couple of weeks now and I am disliking it more each day. I find it harder to find things and more effort to jump around.

When new features are introduced in any software, the initial reaction is sometimes to be uncomfortable but after time you learn to work with the features and eventually like it better. This is not the case. The more I work with them, the less I like them. I am not adapting to them in a positive way.

Just wanted to follow up and provide an update to my experience.

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Thanks for the updates!

After accessing a dashboard from the new 'My Home' screen, I would like to retain the dropdown functionality so that I can easily switch to other dashboards without returning back to home.

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Thanks for letting us know Jason Pontius and Sara Allen! I'm passing on your feedback.

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Lisa Wrike Team member Become a Wrike expert with Wrike Discover

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In order to see all tasks In Progress across all team members, I use Shared with Me/Workload view.

With the Configurable Views enabled, the views are missing. So there is no way to see Workload anymore, or other Views at the "high level".

I have since disabled Configurable Views, and the View are now back.


Something needs to be fixed with Configurable Views; show the Configure View icon?

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We use multiple spaces to our work, so it's very inconvenient to return home every time.
I like the idea of working in a space, but it's not convenient when using multiple spaces. I want a function that grouping a few spaces for navigation panel. Or I would like to add another space to the navigation panel.

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Hello again, everyone! Thank you for your continued feedback here! 🙌

Sara Allen A follow-up from our Product team: the reason this dropdown isn't available when you navigate to a dashboard from the Home screen is that this dashboard is considered as a part of the respective Space. When you use a lot of dashboards, this dropdown isn't the most convenient way to navigate - instead, you have access to a list of all work tools (inc. dashboards) of this space in the sidebar, and you can pin all your favorite ones (inc. dashboards) to Home. Hope this helps! 

Edwin Chong Thank you for providing your feedback on the Configurable Views functionality, the team is looking into that.

Yoshiji Komori The team is working on making the switching between spaces quicker and more convenient. Do I understand correctly that you’d like to see the contents of 2 or more Spaces simultaneously? Could you please provide an example of when you need this? Thanks!

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Lisa Wrike Team member Become a Wrike expert with Wrike Discover

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I was hesitant to try the New Experience based on the feedback, but I have to say that I see where this is going and I like it overall. 


  • Blueprints are easier to access.  Before I had to scroll for days to get to the bottom of our list of spaces (or collapse all the open spaces)
  • Ability to pin frequently used reports and dashboards is helpful
  • Ability to jump between spaces without having to collapse or scroll is helpful 


  • Timer is gone on the home page.  We use the drop-down timer feature on the classic home page and love it.  That needs to be reinstated.
  • Filter on the project panel is gone.  This should be reinstated to allow you to filter the projects list once you select a space.

Other suggestions/ideas:

  • A little too much clicking and jumping back to home to navigate.  Consider a way to collapse the panel or have action items on a side bar/pull down to get back to your pinned items quicker.  Things like getting to stream after being in a project are a bit too much effort.




think there are a few things that would need to be modified to make this functional for all types of users, especially those with a high velocity of navigational needs between spaces and projects.

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Lisa, regarding the comment from Sara Allen about Dashboards and your explanation of them belonging to Spaces now, this is one item that I discussed with the development team last week. Now Dashboards, Calendars, Workloads, and Reports have to belong to a Space. I find that this doesn't always make sense. I have multiple reports, calendars, workloads, and dashboards that are not Space specific. So without a particular Space that makes sense, they are left to either live in my Personal Space which doesn't make any sense if others need to see them, or to create yet a new Space that is global so I can put in tools that span beyond specific Spaces.

This doesn't really make sense to me at all. Why are tools required to belong to a Space? I can understand adding specific ones into a Space's Tools section for convenience, but I would say that very few of these tools for our team are Space specific. I don't have a Workload chart that is only for 1 Space; my Workloads show charts by groups of people and all of their workload across all areas, not by each Space. 

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I was fortunate enough to have a call with the development team last week to discuss feedback on the new experience. I tried to convey some of the feedback I have seen throughout this thread, and not just limit it to my own.

One thing they showed me was some ideas on how to improve the navigation and reduce the jumping back to the home page to go to another area. What I saw was a definite improvement. May not be as quick as the old interface for those that jump between specific projects in different spaces, but it will allow quicker jumping to spaces and tools.

One additional suggestion I have based on that call and from what I have seen commented above, is the addition of a drop down of pinned items. This could live towards the right, next to the user icon as this would be a personal user item, it would make sense that it is there and not to the left next to the general navigation. I could see that having direct access to a drop down of the pinned items would be really helpful to users that use the pinned feature regularly. This would avoid having to go back to the home page to get to the list of pinned items. This would empower the Pinned items to be truly what they are meant to be; quick access to common items.


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Thank you for your comment.
There are no restrictions on how to use the space, so I should be able to use it in any way I like.
We using space according to work relationships. The first is limited information within our department. The other space is used for collaboration with other departments. We have also allocated space for information sharing for all Wrike users. The space will be input from end-user questions and request using the request form.
We switch between these spaces at any time, so I want to move them easily.


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Hey everyone! 👋

Jen Thank you for your feedback; the team loves to hear that you like where this is going. Regarding timer functionality, we are planning to add that to the new UI before launching that publicly. As for filters on the project panel, could you please elaborate a little more on the use-case, where you need that option?

Jason Pontius Glad to hear that you’ve talked with the team! Thank you so much for all the detailed feedback you’ve provided here and for discussing the insights from the fellow community members. The team will continue to make improvements - thank you for your input! 

Yoshiji Komori Thanks a lot for a more detailed description of your use-case, your feedback is also in the team’s review right now! 

Thank you everyone for helping our team make the New Wrike Experience a better fit for everyone!

Lisa Community Team at Wrike Wrike Product Manager Become a Wrike expert with Wrike Discover

Lisa Wrike Team member Become a Wrike expert with Wrike Discover

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Regarding Jennifer's feedback on project filter, I agree that this is a helpful tool and should not be removed.  You asked for a use-case as to why that would be helpful.

Once you are in a Space, you could have many projects, organized in folders, which still results in a large navigation structure. We have only been on the platform for less than a year, and our main operations Space has over 30 projects, organized into a handful of folders. I believe what Jennifer is commenting on is the ability to type in the filter field to narrow that down automatically to make it easier to find the items you want. This is how the old interface worked, and once a Space gets full of projects and folders, it would help to quickly find the one you want rather than scrolling and clicking into the tree to go to it.

This is partially a personal choice of how to work with the project list. I don't use the filter a lot, but I can see where many people would, especially if they have a large number of navigable items.

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Jason is absolutely correct on the use case.  That is the reason we need that back to limit the results when working with a larger space.  It is inefficient to have to go back to home and use the other filter once you are already working in a space view.

Great news that you will reinstate the timer.

Hopefully you can also add hot links for some of the other features to decrease the number of clicks too!

Thank you for the response to my feedback.  I appreciate the consideration:)

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I am really missing tabs. I used to leave 1-2 dashboards open and use another tab for my tasks/inbox. It's a lot more clicks to have to return to the new home dashboard and switch back and forth every time.

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