[From Wrike] Organize and Manage your Work with Spaces ๐ŸŒŒ

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โ€œ Where do I find the necessary info in Wrike? โ€
โ€œ Where should a new project be created? โ€
โ€œ How do I find work that was created by someone else on my team? โ€
Do your colleagues and team members sometimes ask questions like these? ๐Ÿค”ย If the answer is yes, it might be a sign that you need to look at your work structure to make sure everything thatโ€™s related to your teamโ€™s work is easily accessible. Wrikeโ€™s solution to unclear work structure is Spaces.
Spaces is a grouping hub in Wrike that helps your team to manage work at scale. They can contain tasks, projects, and folders to house and organize the relevant information your team needs. If youโ€™re not sure when to use these building blocks, make sure to check out this article.


Here are the most important things you should know about Spaces:
  • Regular users and admins can create an unlimited number of Spaces in your account.
  • Each Space can have an unlimited number of admins and members.
  • Every Space has an info section where you can see the Spaceโ€™s description, list of admins and list of members. Space admins can edit this info.
  • There may be folders and projects which you have access to, but which arenโ€™t in one of the Spaces youโ€™re a part of. Youโ€™ll see all of those folders/projects under the โ€œShared with Meโ€ section.
  • There are three types of Spaces: Personal, Private and Public.
  • To create a new Space, click the plus sign and select "Space" or right-click any folder or project name and select โ€œCreate Space from this folder/projectโ€.

Space Admins

Space admins are members of a Space with extended rights. They can:
  1. Rename the Space.
  2. Make a Space private or public.
  3. Edit its default and recommended workflows.
  4. Invite and remove members.
  5. If your account is on a Business or higher subscription, you can set access roles for members and groups.

How to organize a Space

We recommend organizing your Spaces by creating parent folders within them that will contain projects and tasks. The foundation for any type of a Space can be these 5 main folders:
Admin folder - for storing tasks for team meetings, reference info, analytics.
Ongoing Work - this is the main work folder for all projects and tasks your team has. You can create subfolders for each type of work that you do.
One-time projects - here you can create and find non-repetitive deliverables.
Incoming requests - you can create this folder if your clients or colleagues submit requests to your team.
Archived Work - to store completed work you donโ€™t need anymore. You can create subfolders that mimic your Space structure here and move completed items into the appropriate archive subfolders.
This is a basic structure we encourage you to use when organizing Spaces; add more folders and make changes to your Spaces based on what your team needs.ย 
! Tip: If you need some or all info from a Space visible in multiple Spaces, tag the relevant projects of folders in those appropriate Spaces.ย 
The last (but certainly not the least) thing that weโ€™d like to mention here is the basis for your Spaces.ย 
  • If your organization is primarily structured around the teams people are on, we recommend creating Team/Department Spaces (HR, Sales, IT etc.)ย 
  • If your work is driven by the region you work for or in, create Region Spaces (North America, Europe etc.)
  • If your work is based around clients and the deliverables for those clients, create Clients Spaces. It can be one Space for all clients or a separate Space for each client.
  • If your business is organized by the line of business or brand that you work with, set up Spaces that match those.ย 
! Tip: Check out this Wrike Discover e-learning course on organizing Spaces. Here, you'll learn more about Spaces and get practical experience creating and organizing them.ย 
We hope this gives you a better understanding of why Spaces are the best way to organize, structure, access, and manage your team's work.
How do you use Spaces? Please let us know if you have any questions below, we'll be more than happy to helpย ๐Ÿ‘

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