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Creating widgets

Table 7. Availability - Legacy plans


All users on paid accounts except for collaborators have the ability to create widgets on dashboards.

Widget Customization: New Dashboards empower you with tools to customize and refine your widgets. You can create tailored tables and charts, supported by a variety of table types, including pivot tables for in-depth analysis.

Diverse Widget Options: Customize your dashboard with a selection of widget types to meet your specific needs. Options include tables, indicators, donuts, column charts, stacked column charts, percentage stacked column charts, bar charts, stacked bar charts, percentage stacked bar charts, line graphs, tree maps, area charts, stacked areas, and percentage stacked areas.


Leverage the diverse widget types to visualize your data effectively, enhancing your analytical capabilities and decision-making process.


Creating widgets using tools in space

To generate your desired widget, follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to the relevant space.

  2. Locate the + button 1 adjacent to the tools in the sidebar and click on it.

  3. From the menu that appears, select Dashboard (New) 2 .

  4. Upon selecting Dashboard (New), a window will appear, allowing you to create your initial widget.

  5. In the data source section, click on the + button 3 to add data sources. Remember, you can include multiple data sources to enhance your dashboard.

  6. Choose the preferred widget and click Add widget 4 to complete the process.


“+” Add Widget Button for Effortless Widget Creation

The "Add widget" button at each division line allows you to view your dashboard in the way that suits you best.. Now, you can effortlessly place widgets exactly where you want them.

To create a widget using + Add widget button:

  1. Locate the division lines on the dashboard interface.

  2. Identify the desired location for adding a widget.

  3. Look for the newly introduced feature, denoted by a + Add widget button, positioned at each division line.

  4. Click on the + Add widget button corresponding to the desired location.

  5. A widget creation prompt will appear, enabling you to specify the type and content of the widget.

  6. Customise the widget according to your preferences.

  7. Confirm the creation of the widget.

  8. The newly created widget will be placed directly at the specified location, eliminating the need for subsequent rearrangement.


Available widgets for New Dashboards

  • Custom widget : Create your own widget from scratch.

  • My tasks : All active tasks that are assigned to me.

  • My tasks this week : List of tasks assigned to you and scheduled for today/this week, excluding overdue tasks.

  • My overdue tasks : Active tasks that are overdue and assigned to me.

  • Overdue tasks I created : Tasks that I created that are overdue and assigned to others.

  • Followed tasks : All tasks that I’m currently following.

  • My backlog : All active tasks that are assigned to me without a due date.

  • Starred tasks : All tasks that I have starred.

  • My pending file reviews : Files that are waiting for my approval.

  • My overdue file reviews : Files with overdue approval dates that are waiting for my approval.

  • My pending task approvals : Tasks that are waiting for my approval.

  • My overdue task approvals : Tasks with overdue approval dates that are waiting for my approval.

  • Activity stream : Instant updates from the stream tab.

  • Calendar : Scheduled work from a single source on a calendar.

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