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Generative AI

Table 11. Availability - Legacy plans


All users except external users, collaborators, and viewers can use Generative AI in items' descriptions & comments unless their access role restricts it.

Wrike's AI content creation, content editing, and AI summary transform the way you create an item's description, edit comments, and summarize lengthy threads. With AI summary, you can easily summarize a long thread of comments into a summary. AI content creation improves efficiency by enabling you to generate briefs, draft plans, and brainstorm ideas. AI content editing lets you quickly summarize content, translate it, change the tone, and more with minimal effort.


Generative AI is only available in the Item view.

Generative AI helps you write descriptions for task- and project-based custom items from scratch. You can customize these descriptions to match your brand or personal style by choosing from the suggestions provided by the AI. You can edit parts, or even the entire section to meet your needs.

The tool can help refine your writing style and offers the ability to change the tone of your voice, fix spelling mistakes, translate your descriptions and comments into different languages, and more with just a couple of clicks.


Enable or disable Generative AI

Account owners can enable or disable Generative AI for the entire account. To enable this feature account owners have to review and accept the Wrike AI terms and conditions.

To enable / disable the Generative AI feature:

  1. Click on your profile image in the sidebar 1.

  2. Click on Settings 2.

  3. Click on Settings 3 under account management in the left hand panel.

  4. Scroll down on the page that appears after clicking on account settings to locate Generative AI 4.

  5. You can Enable or Disable 5 the Generative AI feature for your entire account.

  6. You must select the checkbox 6 and accept the terms and conditions of Wrike AI addendum.


  • Wrike's AI features, powered by Microsoft Azure OpenAI, does not use your data for training and is subject to Wrike’s AI Addendum.

  • You can freely access these features within the monthly usage limits per account. However, these terms and conditions may be subject to change in the future.

  • You can turn AI features on or off for different user types on available plans. To activate AI features, the account owner must agree to the AI terms and conditions in the account settings. They're optional and can be turned off anytime after being enabled.

Using AI comments summary

Wrike AI helps you save time by providing a summary of long conversations in comments.

To use AI summary:

  1. Click on the desired task to open it in the item view.

  2. Scroll down to find the Summarize comments button below the description field.

  3. Click on the Summarize comments button 1 to create a summary of the comments.

  4. A dialog window 2 will pop up showing a summary of the comments.

  5. You can reply to the comment or copy the summary of this item 3.


Use Generative AI in comments

With Wrike's AI comment editing tool, you can change part or all of your comment. You can also use it to make a short summary of long conversations.


On Enterprise accounts, the types of users who are allowed to use this functionality may differ due to user types settings.

To use Generative AI in comments:

  1. Open the Item view of a task, project, folder, or custom item.

  2. Start adding a comment.

  3. Select some text in your comment and click the AI icon in the text toolbar that appears 1. The edit that you make with AI will apply to the selected text. Alternatively, enter your comment and click the AI icon in the comment toolbar 2. It automatically selects all text in your comment.



    Adding comments using Generative AI is not possible. You're limited to editing a section of the chosen text in your comment or applying edits to the entire comment using Generative AI.

  4. The AI dialog window opens 3. Here select one of the preset prompts or type in your own prompt and press Enter on your keyboard. The AI will take care of the rest.

  5. While AI is generating the response, you can stop it by clicking the Cancel button 4 in the lower-right corner of the dialog window.

  6. If you're happy with the result, click Replace selection 5 or Insert below/above 6. If not, click Cancel 7.


Use Generative AI in item descriptions

Wrike's AI helps you create or edit descriptions for task and project based custom items. Just type what you need or pick from a list of preset actions, and the AI will do the rest.

To use Wrike’s AI content creation or content editing:

  1. Open the Item view of a task, project, folder, or custom item.

  2. If the description is empty, you can click Add a description. If it's not empty, click anywhere in the description or highlight some text, and then click the AI icon 1 in the description toolbar that appears.

  3. The AI dialog window opens 2. Here select one of the preset prompts or type in your own prompt and press Enter on your keyboard. The AI will take care of the rest.

  4. While AI is generating the response, you can stop it by clicking the Stop button 3 in the upper-right corner of the AI dialog window.

  5. If you're happy with the result, click Insert 4. For descriptions with pre-existing text, click Replace selection 5 or click the dropdown and select Insert below/above ) 6. If not, click Cancel 7.


Depending on your action, the preset prompts list varies. If you don't highlight text, the presets revolve around generating fresh content like campaign plans or product briefs. If you highlight existing text, options such as translation, spell-check, and summarization become available. In any scenario, you're free to write a custom prompt from scratch or edit the suggestions from Wrike.