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Dynamic Request Forms

Table 95. Availability - Legacy plans


Account admins and space admins on Business and Enterprise accounts can create request forms.

You can create request forms that are tailored based on the responses a user gives, varying the questions that are asked.

In addition, the task or project that's created can have different attributes according to the responses given.

Find out more about what dynamic request forms can do and learn how to set them up:

  • Specify which questions (which page) a respondent should see next here.

  • Designate additional assignees or project owners here.

  • Add the submitted form to additional parent folders here.

  • Add subtasks or subprojects to the submitted form here.

  • Override the original selection and create or duplicate a different project or a task here.

  • Replace the original task blueprint or project blueprint with a task/project from another blueprint here.

  • Change the status of the submitted form here.

  • Set up approvals for the task or project created here.