Create a list view of all tasks I follow, which I can then put on dashboard

I've recently learned about how to "Follow" tasks and proceeded to start following a number of tasks.  I understand that I will be notified when a change is made to any of these tasks that I follow, however, I'm looking for a way to create a list view of all tasks that I follow.  I could then incorporate this list view onto my dashboard.  I just can't figure out a way to filter the view to include only those tasks that I follow.


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Rostislav B

Thanks for the question, Ryan! Glad to see that you're enjoying our Following feature. :) You are indeed going to be notified on those tasks, according to your email notification settings, and you will also see changes on those items in your Activity Stream.
There's currently no way to filter the tasks that you follow, but it seems like a fantastic idea you can suggest in our Product Feedback section! For now, the best way to see things that you follow would be to check the notifications you get or look in the Activity Stream, as mentioned above.
I also wanted to mention that you can Follow Projects and Folders too. If you do that, you will get updates on all or just your tasks within those Folders or Projects. There might be a faster way to Follow tasks too, if you create your own private Folder you can tag the tasks you wish to follow with that Folder. :)
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I actually have the same need as Ryan.

I have Assistants creating tasks for Managers, but those Managers needs to follow up the task.

Receiving emails when something happen is not enough for them, they want to be able to have a list and add comment when nothing is happening.

For now they were assigning themselves on the task, but it mess up my data, I just want the person working on the task to be assign to it.

Is it a features/filter you could add to the creation of Widget in dashboards ?

Thank you 

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Hi Myriam, thanks for your post. It's an interesting approach and I'll move this thread to our Product Feedback section so other members can vote for the original suggestion.

For now, similar to what Rostislav mentions above, I think a workaround for you is to create Manager Folders and tag tasks there. Then create a Dashboard from that Folder.

I'll explain below using GIFs and example management Folder: "Mary's Folder", and then tag this Folder to tasks that Mary needs to follow up on.

Tagging Mary's Folder to tasks:

Create a Dashboard named, e.g. "Mary's List", and add "Mary's Folder" to this Dashboard.

Adding Mary's Folder to her Dashboard:

Now you will have a Dashboard which will show the tasks which have been tagged with 'Mary's Folder'.

I understand this isn't exactly what you're looking for and it requires some manual tagging but for now, I think it will help.

Let me know if you think the above might help for now 🙂


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Pretty good idea. Especially for easy ways to get ahead of unfollowing items that aren't relevant, which is one way I'd probably use this.

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Stephen ,

Thank you for your answer.

I'm already using the folders/tag per category of product and per person, to help me separate the data, as the data is driven by folders.

I guess at a point I'll have to use the tag also per requester, but it will be quickly messy, I have about 30 requesters and often I have to share a task to at least 2 other persons than the one who created it and the person assign to it.

My needs might defer a lot because I'm a Scrum Master for Marketing teams. 

Thank you

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Stephanie Westbrook

Hi Myriam, what about having individuals start the tasks they want to be able to check up on? They would then be able to create a widget which shows starred tasks, It's still manual but one click and maybe a little less cluttered. 


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