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Exporting Workload Charts


All users, except for collaborators and external users, can export Workload charts that they have access to.

You can export your Workload chart as an Excel document.


Excel export is also available in Resources View.

Export a Workload chart

  1. Navigate to the relevant Workload chart.

  2. Click the Export button on the right side of the chart settings panel. 1

  3. If necessary, change the parameters of your export in the pop-up that opens:

    1. Click Set dates 2 to select the dates you want to include in the export. You can set the time period from 1 to 365 days.

    2. Under Mode 3 select whether to export data sorted by People or by Projects.

    3. Under View as 4 select the zoom level: days, weeks, or months.

    4. Under Calculate 5 choose whether to include effort from Only filtered tasks or from All tasks. If you have Bookings enabled, the booked effort data will also be included in the export in a separate column.

  4. Click Export. 6

  5. Click the download link that appears on the pop-up at the bottom of the screen. 7

Wrike will automatically download your export file.

What you'll see in the exported file

The data in the exported file will look differently depending on the mode you selected in the export pop-up:

  • Export in People mode: The data in the Type column is grouped by users. For each user, the total effort is calculated separately for each project and is then grouped and tallied on a separate line called User total. Additionally, there may be a separate line in the group for non-project tasks.

  • Export in Projects mode: The data in the Type column is grouped by projects. In each project, the total effort is calculated separately for each user or job role (Placeholder) assigned to tasks in that project. Then, it's grouped and tallied up on a separate line called Project total.

In both modes, total effort for unassigned tasks is calculated and displayed at the end of the table.


  • Both task and booked effort can only be exported in hours.

  • The exported data is limited to 10,000 tasks.

  • Backlog Box data is not exported.