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The new Professional plan is available from 7/1/2021.

Wrike's Professional account is for teams of up to 200 users that want (or need) increased functionality. With a Professional account, you gain more workspace views, and access to additional tools, add-ins, and integrations which help you get your work done.

You can see a comparison of exactly what’s included in different Wrike accounts here.


To find out which type of plan your account is, go to your account settings and select Account info. Your plan type is listed there along with other relevant information. External users and collaborators cannot access this information and should ask their account admin.


The Professional account includes all the features available to Free accounts, as well as:

Gantt Chart

The Gantt Chart is a favorite feature of many Wrike users. Use the Gantt Chart to help you easily visualize your project, reschedule tasks (if necessary), and keep an eye on scheduled milestones. You can even go a step further and use dependencies to schedule tasks in relation to other tasks.


Dashboards are a customizable and dynamic view that allows you to monitor the data that's most important to you. You can build custom dashboard widgets to display tasks and projects that meet specific criteria. For example, set up a custom widget to keep track of all milestones due this week or new tasks created today.

Wrike Views

Wrike Views provide users with the ability to customize, filter, and save view settings to display the right workspaces for you and your team. These views can be customized with filters and shared among users.

Stream view

Professional users have access to Stream view, which lets you view all the changes and actions in a Space, folder, or project.

Files view

Use Files view to see files in a Space, folder, or project and items within them (e.g., tasks, subtasks, and subfolders/subprojects). Easily open, download, and delete files, and sort or filter them to find what you need.

Unlimited active tasks

Unlike Free users, who are limited to 200 active tasks, Professional users can keep as many active tasks and subtasks as they need to organize their work.