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Issues With Uploading/Downloading Attachments

This page is for all Wrike users who experience issues with attaching or downloading files to and from Wrike.


You attempt to upload (download) an attachment to (from) Wrike, but the process doesn’t start. Here are several possible causes and solutions.


A few things may cause issues with attachments:

  • Internet connection: Make sure you're connected to the internet and that you can open other websites.

  • Browser: Make sure you're using the two latest versions of the most popular browsers.

  • Network: If your corporate network uses a proxy, firewall, VPN, or antivirus program, it may be blocking Wrike resources. Check with your IT team to see if this is the case, or try accessing Wrike using another network.

Before you troubleshoot, check our Wrike Status Page to see if there are any ongoing issues or maintenance announcements. If there are no problems reported, follow the steps below to resolve your issue.

Possible solutions

Check your network

Check to see if your network is working properly: Connect to another network (different Wi-Fi, your home network, a cellular network, etc.), and log in to Wrike to see if the issue is solved. If it is, it means there may be an issue with your original network. Reach out to your IT department, explain the issue, and ask them to whitelist Wrike.

Check the file size

The upper size limit for files you can attach to projects, folders, and tasks, or when you submit an internal request via the request form, is 4 GB. For external request forms and API, the limit is 500 MB. It's also not possible to upload zero-byte files to Wrike (i.e., the file size must be more than 0 bytes). There's also a limit for downloading multiple files: When you download multiple files at once and their total size is more than 500 MB limit you won't be able to download them. Instead, you'll see the error message: "The attachments you are trying to download exceed the download limit of 500 MB."

Contact Support

Before contacting Support, try uploading or downloading different files, preferably varied in size and type. Also, we recommend attaching files to different projects, folders, or tasks. This way our Support team can narrow down the issue (if applicable).


If the steps described in this article didn't help solve the issue, please contact our Support team and we’ll be happy to help you.

Please make sure to include the following details in your request:

  • Troubleshooting steps you took. Optional: If you see that a particular file isn't uploading, feel free to attach it to your request.

  • Data from our Support tool. Open this link in the browser you used to log in to Wrike: Wait until the page is fully loaded and copy the results into the Support ticket.

  • A screenshot showing the issue and JavaScript Console, preferably in Chrome or Firefox.

    • Here's how to do that in Chrome:

      1. Open the Console: (Windows) Press Control + Shift + J or (Mac) Cmd + Option + J.

      2. Click the Default levels and deselect Info so that only “Errors” and “Warnings” are shown.

      3. Start uploading/downloading the attachment and take a screenshot of the full screen.

    • Here’s how to do that in Firefox:

      1. Open the Console: (Windows) Press Ctrl + Shift + K or (Mac) Cmd + Option + K.

      2. Click the filter icon and deselect the options so that only Errors and Warnings show up.

      3. Start uploading/downloading the attachment and take a screenshot of the full screen.

  • Take a video illustrating the problem with the Network tab open in Chrome or Firefox:

    1. Start recording a video. (You can use any screen-grab tool.)

    2. Open a browser.

    3. Open Console and switch to the Network tab.

    4. Refresh your page, start downloading/uploading the attachment, wait for the full page to load, and stop the recording.