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Creating a new dashboard

Table 3. Availability - Legacy plans


All users on paid accounts except for collaborators can create new dashboards.

Users have the ability to create new dashboards within specific spaces, tailoring them as powerful, customizable tools for organizing and displaying essential data, metrics, or information relevant to particular tasks, projects, or teams.

Dashboard Customization: Users can personalize these dashboards to suit their unique needs, integrating a variety of widgets, charts, graphs, and other visualization tools. This customization facilitates improved data analysis and aids in the decision-making process within your workspace.


When designing your dashboard, consider which types of visual aids (like charts or graphs) will best represent your data and assist in your strategic planning.

Create a dashboard using space tools

You can create New Dashboards as tools in spaces. To create a new dashboard:

  1. Open the space in which you would like to create a new dashboard.

  2. Click the + 1 button next to Tools in the sidebar.

  3. Select Dashboard (new) 2 from the list.

  4. A window opens in which you can select the type of widget you want to create 3 .

  5. Select a widget and click Add widget 4 .

  6. Your new widget is added to a newly created dashboard.


After your dashboard is created you can rename it and share it with your team or externally via Public links. By default new dashboards you create are private.