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Streams in Wrike

Table 1. Availability - Legacy plans


Streams are available to all license types on all Wrike accounts.

There are three types of streams in Wrike: the Global Stream, Stream view, and Activity Streams.


You'll only see stream updates related to tasks, folders, and projects that are shared with you.

Global Stream

The Global Stream, which is accessed through the sidebar, displays updates for everything that has been shared with you. The Global Stream includes information on new comments or approvals, changes to descriptions and statuses, rescheduling of tasks or projects, etc.

Open the Global Stream

  1. Click on Stream in the sidebar.

  2. If you don't see Stream in the sidebar click on More to show the full list of options.


    You can customize what is always visible in the sidebar by clicking on the Customize menu.

Stream view

The Stream view of a space, project, or folder shows updates related to tasks and subtasks that are included in the selected space, project, or folder or in its descendants. This view also shows changes made directly to a project or folder.


This isn't available for users on Free accounts or collaborators on any account type.

Open Stream view

  1. Navigate to the relevant space, folder, or project.

  2. Switch to the Stream view by clicking the + button and selecting Stream from the drop down list.

Activity Streams

Located in a task, folder, or project's Item view, Activity Streams show updates related to that particular item, as well as new comments, attachments, or changes to the description field.

Open Activity Streams

  1. Open an item (task, folder, project) in the Item view.

  2. The item's stream is shown under the description field.

Navigate streams

As changes are made to tasks, folders, and projects, a related update appears at the top of their Stream view or on your Global Stream. New updates are added to the bottom of a task, folder, and project's Activity Streams.

  • If multiple changes are made to a task, folder, or project, then you'll see the option Show more updates.

  • Click a task, folder, or project’s title in the stream to open the related task, folder, or project.

  • Activity Streams can be filtered.