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Mass Editing Tasks

Table 33. Availability - Legacy plans


All users (except collaborators) on all account types can mass edit tasks. However, the number of mass editing options available depends on your account type.

Use mass editing in Table view to make the same changes to multiple tasks at the same time.

Mass edit tasks

  1. Navigate to a folder, project, or space where tasks are located and switch to Table view 1.

  2. Click the “>”  icon to view the tasks within them.

  3. Select the tasks you want to edit by clicking the checkbox to the left of task names.

  4. A toolbar 2 with various mass editing options appears on the top of the Table view.

  5. Select the appropriate mass editing option from the panel.


Additionally, you can mass drag and drop tasks in Table view to:

  • Change their hierarchy (convert tasks into subtasks and vice versa).

  • Change their position in Table view.

  • Change their status (when tasks are sorted by status).

  • Change their importance (when tasks are sorted by importance).

Available mass editing options

Mass Edit

Free Accounts

Paid Accounts

Status: Mark tasks as completed or change their status



Assignee: Assign, reassign, and remove assignees from the tasks



Dates: Set start date, set due date, clear dates



Location: Change location



Item type: Change item type



Delete: Delete tasks




Why can't I change task statuses using mass edit?

If you're using fixed and flexible workflows you might not be able to perform a mass status change. When you select multiple tasks with different workflows and at least one of them has locked status transitions, you won't see the option to change the status in the mass edit panel.