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Task Effort in Wrike


Effort is a task attribute that shows how much time is required to complete a task. It can be different from duration, which indicates the time period within which an assignee should complete the task.

For example, a task can span multiple days but require only several hours of work a day from each of its assignees.

Effort in tasks

When you create a task, it doesn't have effort by default. Tasks without effort can be used as:

  • Action items that don't require time to complete.

  • Non-action items: meetings notes, specifications, etc.

To effectively manage your resources, specify effort for all action items which require time to complete.


Since milestones don’t have a duration, effort can’t be applied to them.

Set your new tasks to have effort by default

  1. Click your profile picture 1 in your workspace's upper-right corner.

  2. Select Settings from the drop-down.

  3. Profile 2 opens by default.

  4. Scroll to the Tasks & Subtasks section. 3

  5. Click the drop-down field 4 under Default Effort mode for new tasks.

  6. Select the default effort type for new tasks.

  7. Click Save changes. 5