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Task Dependencies on the Gantt Chart

Table 73. Availability - Legacy plans


Dependencies specify the relationships between tasks. Use them to indicate when a task should begin or end in relation to other tasks. On the Gantt chart, dependencies appear as lines linking two tasks or linking a task to a milestone.


When you reschedule a task with dependencies, all dependent active tasks are automatically rescheduled. If some tasks in the dependency are completed, cancelled, or deferred these tasks are not rescheduled.

Types of task dependencies

There are four types of dependencies you can create in Wrike:

  • Finish to start: Task B can't start before task A is finished.

  • Start to start: Task B can't start before task A starts.

  • Finish to finish: Task B can't finish before task A is finished.

  • Start to finish: Task A can't finish before Task B starts.