๐ŸฅผReleases-A Labs Release, a Proofing update, and another Labs release (07/19/19)

Feature Updates

The "New" Table View is Out

  • The new version of the Table View is out and available for everyone. Don't notice a difference? Then you already had the new version of the Table View enabled. Enjoy and carry on.
  • New on the new Table View: add tasks and/or subtasks to folders and projects.

Fixed and Flexible Workflows out of Labs

Out of Labs and in the Workspace part 2: Control how Custom Workflows are used - specifically what status is available to select next - with fixed and flexible workflows.ย 

Proofing and Excel Files

Use Proofing with Excel files. You'll see a preview of the file in the Proofing view (there may be slight discrepancies from the original file) and then leave comments and review.

New Admin Permission

There's a new permission on Enterprise accounts that controls whether or not admins can create Spaces.

Comment Indicator on Timesheets

A blue triangle on Timesheet entries lets you know that an entry has comment(s).
Reminder: Timesheets are part of Wrike Resource.


Notification Numbers

The Inbox notification counter was sometimes showing the incorrect number of notifications. Fixed.

Request Form Links

Sometimes when you clicked on an internal Request Form link you were sent to Inbox instead of the corresponding Request Form. Taken care of.

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