[Read Me] Product Feedback forum: Guidelines and Statuses

Welcome to the Product Feedback section. This is the area of the Community where you can help shape the future of the product!
The ideas posted in this section not only intrigue our teams, they also play a critical role in deciding how a new or existing feature will look in the future. Using the Community's voting system allows our teams to assess the popularity of suggestions which adds huge value to internal discussions and roadmap planning.
To submit a new idea, please click "New post" in this forum:
To support someone else's idea, you can upvote it (it means clicking on the thumbs-up button under the post) and comment on the thread.
Once an idea reaches the minimum threshold of 60 upvotes, it will receive one of the below statuses:

No Statusthe critical threshold for a post to receive a status update is 60 upvotes. Until this threshold is reached Wrike's Community team won't add a status. This does not mean the Community Team won't read and log your idea.
[Backburner ⏳] Our Product Team are interested in the idea and it will be reviewed during future internal discussions.
[Investigating 🕵️‍♀️] The Product team is looking at its feasibility,  possible effects on other features, and the time it may take to complete. The team hasn't officially decided to take on a request and no time frame is available at this stage.
[Coming Soon...🕑] The idea is on the roadmap and a general timeframe may be available but is subject to change. Watch this space!
[In the making  🔧] The idea is actively in development (engineers are working on it!). An exact timeframe for release may not be available until a later stage.
[Launched! 🚀] The suggested feature has been released. 
[Not planned] Not planned and unlikely to be part of the Product Team’s roadmap in the near future.
Any questions, we'll be happy to answer. Comment below.
Learn more on how to submit and find great feedback with this post: Getting the most from the Product Feedback section.
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Hi Amy Emmert, welcome to the Community!

We take a lot of metrics into consideration and carefully report that info to our Product team. Whether or not the votes come from the same account is also being considered.

Please let me know if you have any other questions 🙌

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