Tasks from Subfolders/Subprojects

When you open a Folder or Project from the List View, you can choose to view or hide tasks from Subfolders and Subprojects.

  1. Open a Folder/Project and click on the three-dot menu.
  2. Choose “Hide Subfolders” or “Show Subfolders”. If you see the option to “Show Subfolders”, this means that you can currently see only the tasks stored directly in the selected Folder (tasks from Subfolders and Subprojects aren’t shown).

Pro Tips:

  • List View: Show or hide Subfolders and then use filters to further control the tasks you see. For example, if you have a parent Folder with several Subfolders, then you can view tasks from both the parent Folder and its Subfolders by choosing “Show Subfolders”.
  • Dashboards: Create a custom widget based on the filtering criteria you set in the List View. Learn more about creating your own widgets here.
  • Calendar Syncs: View your tasks on a calendar app. Sync tasks from all descending Folders or only from the current one.
  • Timelog and Workload Views: Tasks from descending Folders and Projects are shown automatically.
  • Table and Timeline Views: Click “Collapse All” or “Expand All” at the top of these views to choose how you would like to view data.
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