Release Notes-May 17

Feature Updates

  • Approval Filters in Reports
    • Approvals filters in task Reports and Approvals filters from the List View are in line now - aka the filters are the same in both places. Check out the Approvals Help Center page for a reminder of what Approval filters are available.
  • Proofing Comment
    • Before: You had to click a button in the Proofing viewer to see the comments panel. Now: Just click the image. If there are comments, then the comments panel opens. If there are no comments yet, a dot marker is added to the image and you can start typing your comment.
  • CAPTCHA on External Request Forms
    • External Request Forms are now protected with CAPTCHA (the program that asks you to enter some information to prove that you're a real person and not a robot).   


  • Workflow Names in Report Snapshots 
    • In some cases, column-type Report Snapshots displayed workflow IDs instead of workflow names (even though the Reports themselves were fine). The same thing happened with status groups and Project Owners. Everything's fixed now. IDs are out, names are in. 
  • Signed PDFs in Preview 
    • PDFs which were signed via e-signature weren't opening in preview. Now they are. 
  • Local File Links in Descriptions
    • Before: If you inserted a link to a local file with a file:// prefix to a Task, Folder, or Project's description, the link didn't work. Now: Links to local files work fine (because we whitelisted the "file://" prefix). Kudos to you if you know what that means. 
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