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Submit a Request Form

Table 81. Availability - Legacy plans


Anyone who has access, including a non-Wrike user, can submit a request form, though request forms can only be created in Business and Enterprise accounts.

When you submit a request, Wrike automatically:

  • Creates a task or project. Admins specify which item type should be created when setting up the form.

  • Populates the task or project with information from the request form fields.

  • Adds the task or project to a location in the folder tree.

  • Assigns the task to the designated user(s) or adds an owner to the project (if it was specified by the request creator).

  • Creates an approval (if specified by the request creator).


Admins can view all saved or published request forms from the Requests tab of the Account Management section.

Submit a request form

All Wrike users can submit request forms in the workspace, and non-Wrike users can submit request forms using a link.

For Wrike users

  1. Click the green + in the top right-hand of the workspace next to your profile picture.

  2. Select Request in the drop-down.

  3. Select a request form from the list or use Search to find the form you need.

  4. Fill in the available questions. Questions with an * are required.

  5. Click Submit.

A task or project is created using the information you entered.

For non-Wrike users

Request forms can be made external, which means they can be sent via a link to non-Wrike users or embedded in a website.

  1. Go to the link provided or use an embedded form.

  2. Fill in the available questions. Questions with an * are required.

  3. Click Submit.

Once a non-Wrike user submits a form they'll receive an email confirmation (provided they included their email address in the form).