Release Notes-March 22

Video Release Notes

Feature Updates

  • Launch Templates from a Request Form
    • Not only can Request submissions create tasks and Projects, but now Request submissions can also trigger Projects to be launched from templates (admins set this up).
  • Frame-by-Frame Video Proofing
    • For those of you who get into the nitty-gritty of videos, you can now move a video forward or backward by a single frame.
  • Task Stream Updates
    • Replying to updates: Now, when a change is made by one teammate, you can hover over their update (in the task stream) and click Reply. When you do that, the comment box prepopulates with an @mention to the person you're replying to.
    • Delete comment button moved: The button is still there, it just got a new home. Now you can delete your comment by hovering over it, clicking the menu button, and then selecting "Delete".
  • Board View Filters (Labs Feature)
    • You can now filter tasks by assignee or author on the Board View. Ready, set, filter. 


  • Adding Attachments Comments 
    • In the new task stream, it wasn't possible to attach a file to a comment via drag and drop. This functionality was available in the old stream, and now it's back.
  • Page Up and Down in Task View
    • Situation: You're using Chrome, you open a task in a separate tab, you made a change to the description field, and then pressed the Page Up or Page Down buttons. Result: The task view broke. Now, everything works as it should and you can Page Up or Page down to your heart's content. 

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