Release Notes-February 22

Feature Updates

  • Video Proofing 
    • Video Proofing is out of Labs and available in the Workspace (for anyone with Proofing and Approvals or on Wrike for Marketers)! Now you can attach video files in Wrike and add comments directly to the video (to make communicating about revisions easier).
  • New Markup Tools
    • Proofing got some new markup tools. Instead of just a circle, you can now use an arrow, rectangle, and free draw tool. There's also a text highlight tool for .pdf files. Time to show off your drawing talent.
  • Wrike's Extension for Adobe Premier Pro
    • You can now add Wrike's Adobe Extension to Adobe Premier Pro, so video gurus can work in their tool but still access Wrike info.
  • Board View Enhancement
    • The Board View is a Wrike Labs feature. Before you could only see tasks from a particular Folder/Project on a Board, now you can now see tasks from descendant Subfolders/Subprojects as well. More information for you and your team.  


  • Unfollow Link in Email Notifications 
    • Wrike email notifications temporarily didn't have the link to unfollow tasks. The link, along with an explanation of why you received the email notification are back!
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