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Back up feature - I do enjoy being able to backup all of your information onto a home computer. Is there a way that you could code it to backup the files based on project with attachments included in a .RAR file or even just a folder inside a .RAR?

Viewing statuses - The way we're using this program I'd like to be able to view all statuses of every task vice viewing all active, all on hold, all completed separately. If I'm the project manager in charge of the overview it becomes difficult to understand what is waiting on someone else vs. what is active if we can't see every task and it's status.

Request forms - I know you can use drop down to skip to the next page, but it would be nice to see other options added. EX: I click yes, another small sentence box is created for input. The ability to link information - I.E. I pick a customer name and the information is filled out, would be extremely helpful.

GP integration would be prettty awesome. Ability to import/export data to/from GP. At the least the integration of something to hold customer information/part information/project information. It would drastically reduce the time spent typing in customer info.

Ability to setup projects in a purely template format. I'm setting up projects as templates with assigned personnel to each task; however, this assigns them the task even though it's a template only version.

This is all I can think of at this moment. 

Michael Dalton Applications Engineer

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Stephanie Westbrook

Hi Michael, welcome to the forums! Thanks for adding your thoughts here and looking forward to hearing more as you keep learning more about the product.

1) .rar files - I'm getting some more information about this and will reply once I know a little more. 

2) Viewing statuses - By default Wrike does filter tasks so that you only see active tasks. However, you can change filters to see tasks with any status. Once you've removed the status filters, I would change the sorting order to by "status" so that tasks are grouped together based on their status. The Board View is also a great option for seeing tasks from all different statuses and you won't have to remove status filters from this view. 

3) Request forms - In terms of automatically filling out information, could you give me a little more detail about how you would like this to work. For example, if certain criteria are met, would you like information to be auto-added to the description field or Custom Fields?

4) GP - I'm sorry, I'm not familiar with this term, is GP similar to Google Sheets/Excel?

5) Templates - Templates are great, I'm happy you've gotten into those! One best practice that we suggest for templates is to switch all tasks in the template to a deferred status. That way assignees can more easily filter out those tasks if they need to. When you duplicate a template, the tasks in the new Folder are all active by default. I think Megan's request around a template status resonates with what you're asking for as well. Could you take a look and +1 her request if it sounds like it would help your workflow?


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I can say I appreciate the timely feedback. I'll clarify a few of these steps for everyone.

1) Thank you.

2) This actually helped a lot. I appreciate the ability to sort the tasks by status.

3) This has a few applications I was thinking of. If I select yes from a checkbox then another box appears to enter text. If I select a customer name, the address/phone number/zip code/etc are auto filled to match. Right now it has to be selected then entered or just manually entered. So, just the auto adding of information or the creation of new input areas to match the selection.

Also, When it comes to request forms, I noticed you can name a project after a field in the text. How can I rename the project while keeping the text box?

4) Microsoft Great Plains. It runs off of databases created in access/GP. It would be nice to import the data from an access database and use it to auto fill from number 3. Maybe just creating an access 

5) That's exactly what I mean. It makes it easier for us on a planning side to be able to see who I'm going to assign all tasks to during creation, rather than referring to something else.

The possibility exists to use the task assign function for the customer database. If you created a customer database with address/name/phone number/etc., it could be possible to just assign the customer like an assignee for a task. This would allow for some seamless transition and shorter request forms.

Possibly the idea of a free range notepad then allowing the creation of tasks.

Viewing/editing files within Wrike, much the same way that Microsoft 365 opens an in browser limited editor.

With your new beta for Microsoft office coming out, will there be functionality to allow us to drag and drop, both emails and email attachments?

Meetings - I know it's Beta, but I'd hope to see the ability to name our meetings before they are saved in the file.



Michael Dalton Applications Engineer

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Stephanie Westbrook

Hi Michael! All of the details help, thank you :) It looks like there are a few more suggestions in your reply which is fantastic. To help us keep track of what's being requested, do you think you could add each idea as a separate product request? That way others will be able to vote for the idea if they would like to see similar functionality and we can report on the feedback to our Product team. 

1) .RAR I’ve checked in about this and it’s not something the team has in their current plans, but it’s an interesting suggestion. If you could create a separate post for this suggestion that would be fantastic. 
2) Happy to hear that!
3) That helps thank you! We actually just had another member request functionality along the same lines. Could you take a look at Beat’s post and add a +1 if it describes what you’re looking for?
3b) I think you want to have a response be used as both the project title and appear inside the body of the Project? If that’s the case, the best option is to have two separate questions (one mapped to the title, one to the description). I know this is repetitive, but it would give you the result you’re looking for now.
4) This is a great suggestion for Product Feedback, could you add it as a separate post that way others can find and vote for it?
6) We do have some viewing/editing file capabilities as part of our Proofing and Approvals add-on. Proofing let’s you add comments to files (there are certain compatible file types) while Approvals let’s you add files to review so assignees can say whether something needs changes or is okay as is.
7) The new add-in allows you to turn an email into a task and attachments from the email are automatically added to the Wrike task. Would that help?
8) Meetings are based on tasks, so the meeting name should be the same as the task name. Which file would you like to see the meeting name on?

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