Release Notes-July 5


  • Back it Up...Undo in the Request Form Builder
    • After taking certain actions, admins now see an undo button for 10 seconds in the Request Form Builder. So whether you change your mind about something or clicked something by mistake (it happens to all of us), we're there for you.
  • Custom Logos 
  • Comments in Inbox
    • For two days earlier this week, you may have noticed that notifications showed up in Inboxif you commented on a task. We listened to your feedback and rolled back the release so we can fine-tune things. 
  • Beta Program for Recurrent Tasks 


  • Image Orientation 
    • Before: In some cases, images may have shown up oriented the wrong way, but only in Wrike. Now: if an image is oriented correctly before you upload it, then you'll see it oriented correctly in Wrike as well. 
  • OneDrive Attachments 
    • Before: You couldn't attach files from OneDrive using the attachment button in the comment section. Now: you can attach OneDrive files just fine. 

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Stephanie Westbrook Wrike Team member Become a Wrike expert with Wrike Discover


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