Release Notes-June 7

Feature Updates

  • Reports - Facelift, Aggregation, and More
    • Reports not only look nicer (larger font, better color-coding), but aggregation values now also show up on Reports, we improved sorting of and within Groupings, wrap text works with more fields, and auto-saving for formatting options. Read more details here
  • Filter Inbox 
    • In Wrike's Inbox, you can now choose to see all your notifications or just the unread ones. 
  • Images on the Board View
    • Images now show up on the Board View. What does that mean? The most recent image you've attached to a task appears on the VIew. For our word-friendly friends, you can hide images if you'd rather not see them. 
  • Proofing Marker Color Enhancements
    • Proofing markers aren't just pink anymore - there are 6 color options so it's easier to see who made which comment. Go ahead, taste the rainbow. 
  • Dynamic Request Forms on Android
  • Request Form Editing Options
    • You add a dropdown or checkmark question to a form, then realize the answer options should be in a different order. We've all been there (all right, only some of us). Well, now you can drag and drop answers into the right order without starting all over again. 
  • Recent Tasks and User Search (in Labs)
    • The latest Wrike Labs feature lets you see your most recently used tasks and even search for other people in your Wrike account. 
  • Security Improvements: See something, Say Something
    • Noticed a Security vulnerability in Wrike? Report if from our Security page.  
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