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New Sidebar and Toolbar

Table 371. Availability - Legacy plans



Accounts that are already on Wrike Lightspeed get the New sidebar and toolbar by default.

Non-Lightspeed accounts can enable the New sidebar and toolbar from Wrike Labs.

The new sidebar is more compact, and there’s more screen space for your work. Plus, you can navigate all over Wrike with fewer clicks. You can even personalize the sidebar menu for easy access to your most used links. Also, there's a new toolbar for Wrike Views. It’s smaller, more organized, and easier to use. You can also reorder your views to keep your favorites always visible.

Enable or disable the new sidebar and toolbar

All users, including collaborators, can enable the new sidebar and toolbar for their individual accounts.

  1. Go to Wrike Labs

  2. Locate the New sidebar and toolbar card

  3. Click Enable/Disable

Once you enable the feature, the new sidebar and toolbar will replace the existing ones.

New sidebar

The new sidebar allows you to access all of the tools and switch between spaces quickly. Use the Hide/Show sidebar icon in the upper-right corner to add or remove the sidebar from the view. When the sidebar is hidden, you can move your cursor to the leftmost of the workspace to quickly make it appear when needed.


The top section of the new sidebar contains the following:

  • Your profile image under which you can find the personal and account settings, the Recycle bin, and the workspace themes among other items.

  • The search and the Inbox. When you scroll down the sidebar, the icons of search and Inbox appear beside your profile image.

  • The Created by me smart folder and Starred tasks

  • Other areas of your workspace, including Stream, Dashboards, Reports, Calendars, Workload, Timesheets, and Request forms

You can personalize what exactly you want to see in this section. To do this:

  1. Click the More button at the bottom of the section

  2. Then click Customize menu

  3. In the pop-up that opens:

    1. Reorder the items in the list by clicking and dragging them to the relevant position

    2. Hide or unhide the items by clicking the eye icon on the right

The next section of the sidebar features all of your pinned items if you have any. You can expand or collapse this section by clicking on its title.

Below the Pinned section, you'll find the central hub where you can navigate all of your spaces. You can switch between two modes:

  1. All my spaces: It displays all of the spaces in which you're a member as a list. In this mode, you can explore items within all of your spaces without leaving the current location.

  2. Only selected space: It displays the content of one of your spaces at a time. The dropdown at the top allows you to switch between spaces.

In both modes, you can hide and reorder spaces using the three-dot menu button next to each space or, in the case of reordering, using the drag-and-drop.


In both modes, the space content looks similar to the classic workspace:

  • First, you see the Space overview button. It opens the space's start page, where you can see all items located directly inside the space and where space admins can find the space settings gear icon.

  • Below, you'll find the Tools block, if there are any tools available in the space

  • Next, there's the Projects and folders block for navigation within the space

At the very bottom of the sidebar, you'll find the + Invite button that allows you to add more users to your account.

New toolbar

The views management panel is located in the same place as before, but it has a new, more compact design. If the location has 4 or more views added, you can access all of them and add new ones by clicking the All dropdown on the right of the views management panel.

The views management panel has not only a new design but also some new functionality: you can reorder the available views in the list. To do so, click and hold the six-dot button that appears to the left of the relevant view's name and drag it to the new position.


New settings panel for views

For the New Board view, New Table view, Gantt chart, Calendar view, Analytics view, and Files view, an updated settings panel is available. It's now located right next to the views management panel. 1


New header

The new header is similar to the one in classic navigation but has a more simplified and compact design.


In the new header, you'll see the following:

  • On the left, there's the name of the current space or the tool you're currently viewing, such as Reports or Dashboard. If you're inside some project in a space, you'll see the breadcrumbs and your current location for easier navigation. 1

  • Next, you'll see the Automation button. 2 Clicking on it will open the Automation tab in the Space settings. If you're a space admin, click on the drop-down on the button to see the options to open the Request forms, Blueprints, and Workflows settings in the Space. If you're not a space admin, only Blueprints will be available.

  • If you're inside a folder or project and have sufficient rights based on your access role, you'll see the Share button. 3

  • Next, you might see timer 4 if you're currently tracking time on one of your tasks.

  • On the right of the header, there are the Wrike Assistant 5 and the + creation buttons. 6

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