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Actionable Wrike Notifications in Microsoft Teams

Table 192. Availability - Legacy plans


Wrike for Microsoft Teams is available for all Wrike accounts and user types (including collaborators).

All users with the installed integration have access to actionable Wrike notifications in MS Teams.

Access the notifications

After installing the integration, you can start receiving notifications from Wrike into your MS Teams account. You will be notified when:

  • A new task is assigned to you in Wrike

  • Somebody @mentions you in a comment on a task, project, or folder


By default, these notifications are enabled for users who have integrated MS Teams and Wrike, but you must log in to your chat with Wrike bot to start receiving notifications. To do so, open your Wrike Personal app, switch to the Chat tab and click Log in.

Interact with notifications

Once you’re done settling in, you can start using notifications to communicate with your teammates in Wrike.

Notifications will show up in the chat with Wrike bot. To open the chat:

  1. Select the Chat tab in the left-hand navigation panel of your MS Teams app

  2. Find the chat with Wrike and click on it

What you can do from here:

  • Reply to comments on tasks

  • @mention your colleagues so they will get a notification in their Wrike Inbox

  • If you want to do more, you can open a Wrike task right from the notification

To reply to a comment in Wrike:

  1. Select the notification from the chat

  2. Click the Reply button

  3. Type your comment in the window that appears and click Reply

Your comment will then be sent to Wrike.


When you reply to a comment from MS Teams, by default, the person who sent you the original comment will be @mentioned in your reply in Wrike. If you want to @mention someone else, you can do that using the following format: @name.surname (it must be spelled exactly how it is specified in Wrike). Additionally, you can @mention all the assignees or followers of this task by adding @assignees or @followers to your message.

Disable notifications

As mentioned above, notifications are enabled by default for all users. If you want to disable notifications:

  1. Open the Wrike app.

  2. Select the Chat tab from the list.

  3. There, you can see a chat with the Wrike bot. Wrike bot is the one who will be sending you all the notifications.

  4. In this chat, type and send “Notifications off.” If you want to enable notifications, type and send “Notifications on.”