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Exporting Data to Excel From Wrike

Table 9. Availability - Legacy plans


Export all your tasks and subtasks with their statuses, dependencies, assignees, start and due dates, duration, and time log entries to an Excel file.

All users (except for collaborators) can export data from Wrike to Excel.


  • Attachments and comments aren't exported to Excel.

  • You can export blueprints.

  • If the task is tagged with several subfolders/subprojects, the row of that task will show up for each subproject/subfolder in the XLS file.

  • If the subtask has been tagged with the folder in which the parent task lives, it'll appear in the XLS document two times. The “Key” cell will be the same for both these rows. The tags of subtasks are being inherited by default and are grayed out. You can manually include a subtask in the folder/project or space by tagging it.


There's an export limit based on the maximum size of an Excel file. The limit is 65,000 rows. If the exported folder/project/space contains more than this number of tasks/subtasks, then we suggest exporting separate subprojects/subfolders.

Export tasks from a specific folder, project, or space

  1. Navigate to the folder, project, or space that you'd like to export.

  2. Click the three-dot menu button in the top-right corner 1.

  3. Hover over Export 2.

  4. Select Excel 3.

  5. A pop-up appears, where you can choose how data should be exported:

    1. Only filtered tasks 4 — export all subfolders and tasks matching the current filters set for the folder you're viewing.

    2. All tasks 5 — export all subfolders and tasks in the folder you're viewing.

  6. Select one of the options, then click Export 6.

  7. Click the download link at the bottom of the screen to download your file.

  8. Your file is downloaded to your computer’s default location for all downloaded files.


The tasks can be exported from the Shared with me section as well. To export tasks, open the Shared with me section and perform Steps 2–4 described above.


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