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Types of Custom Fields in Wrike

Table 5. Availability - Legacy plans


There are 11 types of custom fields in Wrike that accommodate all possible variations of information that you might need to store and track along with your everyday work.


You can always check any of your custom field types in the custom field management panel.

Types of custom fields


Types of custom fields that allow you to add values manually, e.g., text, don't limit the number of characters you can enter.

Field Type

Data Type

Suggested Use Case


Text, numerals, or links

Use when you need to enter data in multiple formats

URLs that you add to the text-type custom fields become clickable in New Table view, New Board view, and Item View. At the moment, only http:// and https:// URL schemas can be displayed as clickable.

Single select

Users select an entry from a list of options specified by the field creator

Use when you need to limit selections to specific options


Users check or uncheck a box

Use when you need to sort data based on yes/no criteria


Numerals (decimal places are built in)

Use when you need to work with numerical values


Numerals (a % symbol is automatically added)

Use when you need to track data as a percentage


Numerals (the designated currency symbol is shown)

Use when you’re tracking expenses or working on a budget


Users enter the number of hours the task, folder, or project should take to complete

Use to see, at a glance, how much time a project should take



Use when you want to add dates to a task, folder, or project (apart from the start or due date)


Select a user or users (this can be from a predefined list of users or any user who is part of the subscription)

Use when you need to associate users with a task, folder, or project


Users select multiple entries from a list of options specified by the field creator

Use when you need to select multiple options from a predefined set of options


The field shows calculated results for the custom formula you created. You can use the following types of fields while creating a formula: Number, Currency, Percentage, Duration, and Date.

Use when you need to calculate custom values

* If the Labs feature that allows including time in date-type custom fields is enabled in your account, the date-type custom fields can also display time.


How can I use different types of custom fields in my daily work?

You can use custom fields and the checkbox field type to quickly gather the relevant information for your weekly report. Detailed instructions on how to do this here.

Is it possible to bulk-add dropdown options into the Single- or Multi-select field?

Yes, you can mass-insert values by pasting them into the field settings. Here's a short demo video on to do that:


You can also mass-select these Options by dragging your mouse downwards and copy-paste them into a text file to export the existing values.