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Adding Non-­Working Days

Table 47. Availability - Legacy plans


All users except for collaborators can create calendar exceptions.

The work schedule in your Wrike workplace allows you to mark vacation or PTO days as a calendar exception.

When you create an exception:

  • You’re no longer able to schedule tasks for that date (unless you enable the option to Work on Weekends).

  • All tasks that had scheduled dates during the exception are automatically rescheduled (duration is preserved).

  • When another user assigns and mentions you in a task scheduled during your calendar exception, they'll be notified.

Create a calendar exception

  1. Click your profile picture in the top right-hand corner of your Wrike workspace.

  2. Select Settings from the drop-down.

  3. Select Work Schedule in the left-hand panel 1.

  4. Select a range of dates or double-click a date to create a single-day exception 2.

  5. Select a calendar exception type: Overtime, Vacation/PTO, or Other non-working 3.

To delete a calendar exception simply click the dates highlighted and select Delete exception 4.


Seven days ahead of the exception's start date, other users in the account will see a note about your upcoming time off in your profile information. Keep in mind, however, that collaborators can't see profile information.

Automatic task rescheduling

Wrike automatically reschedules tasks with schedules that overlap with non-working days in the assignee’s work schedule.

Task rescheduling means:

  • Task duration remains intact (i.e., the length of time allotted for a task).

  • Task dates shift into the future. The number of days shifted depends on the number of non-working days.

  • Only active tasks scheduled for the future are rescheduled.

  • If a task has multiple assignees, task dates will only shift if all assignees have non-working day(s) during the task's scheduled dates.

Wrike warns you about automatic rescheduling when you add an exception to your work schedule.


You can enable the Work on Weekends option if you want a task to span all days, including non-working days.