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Renaming and Duplicating Dashboard

Table 5. Availability - Legacy plans


All users on paid accounts except for collaborators have the ability to rename and duplicate dashboards.

The introduction of New Dashboards offers users the ability to rename and duplicate dashboards and brings significant functionality and flexibility to the platform.

Renaming Dashboards

You can now assign custom names to your dashboards, allowing for easier organization and identification of specific dashboards. This feature enables you to label your dashboards according to your content, projects, or any other relevant criteria, streamlining navigation and management.

To change the name of the dashboard, you can proceed with the following steps.

  1. Open the New dashboard window from the tools of a specific space in the sidebar.

  2. Click the three-dot button 1 next to the public links.

  3. A menu list will appear.

  4. Choose the Rename option 2 from the menu list.

  5. Input your desired name 3 for the dashboard.


Duplicating Dashboards

The duplication feature allows users to effortlessly create copies of existing dashboards, an essential tool for those who wish to maintain a specific layout and configuration while experimenting with various data sets or making incremental changes.

Preserve and Iterate: When you duplicate a dashboard, you create an exact replica, enabling you to modify and experiment with new ideas or analyses without altering the original dashboard's structure or data.


Utilizing the duplication functionality can significantly streamline your workflow, allowing for risk-free experimentation and iterative design enhancements on your dashboards.

To duplicate a dashboard:

  1. Locate the dashboard you would like to duplicate from the sidebar and click to open it.

  2. Click the three-dot button 1 next to the public links.

  3. A menu list will appear.

  4. Choose the Duplicate option 2 from the menu list.

  5. Clicking on the Duplicate option will open a window allowing you to duplicate the dashboard.

  6. You can assign and update the  desired name for the duplicated dashboard 3 .

  7. You can then choose the desired location for the duplicated dashboard 4 .

  8. Confirm the changes and save 5 to complete the process.


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