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Gantt Chart Snapshots

Table 47. Availability - Legacy plans


All users (except for collaborators) on all paid accounts can create Gantt chart snapshots.

Gantt chart snapshots create a static record of what the Gantt chart looks like at that moment for a folder, project, or space. When you create a snapshot, a link is generated and saved in Wrike. Sharing the link to a Gantt chart snapshot allows others to view a project’s current timeline.


Snapshots are static and won’t update as changes are made in Wrike.

Snapshots show the folder's, project’s, or space's:

  • Subtasks and tasks (only those with scheduled dates appear on the timeline portion of the snapshot). The snapshot automatically includes the task's titles, statuses, scheduled dates, and dependencies, and you have the option to include task assignees on the snapshot as well.

  • Folders (subfolders) or projects (subprojects) and their tasks in the folder, project, or space.


Only tasks and projects which match applied filters appear on Gantt Chart Snapshots.

For viewing a snapshot refer to the article here.

From a snapshot you can:

  • Expand and collapse folders, projects, and tasks with subtasks.

  • Scroll through the timeline to see past and future tasks with scheduled dates.

  • Scroll through the table to see all tasks that appear there.

  • Hide empty folders.

  • Highlight overdue tasks.



You can't click a task and access Item view from a Gantt chart snapshot shared via a link.