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Creating Folders

Table 3. Availability - Legacy plans


All users except collaborators can create folders.


This option might not be available on Business accounts and up due to custom item types suggestions settings.

Folders can house tasks, subfolders, and subprojects. They're a great way to organize tasks in your workspace so that you can not only keep relevant information together but also ensure that data is grouped in such a way that it can be easily and quickly shared with the right people. Please note, unlike tasks and projects, folders aren't actionable items.

Create a folder

  1. You can start creating a new folder in several ways:

    • Click the + 1 in the top right of your workspace and select Folder from the drop-down.

    • Right-click a folder or project or click the Three-dot menu 2 in the left-hand navigation panel of a space and choose Add item and select Folder in the drop-down.

    • In Table view, click the + Item 3 and select Folder from the dropdown. Enter a name for your folder and click Enter, you can edit your folder from its folder info panel.

  2. Folder_panel.png

    Enter your Folder name 1.

  3. Choose your folder's Location 2. This can be a project, folder, or space.


    By default the location from which you created the folder is selected. When you're creating a folder from the Home page your Personal space is selected by default.

  4. Choose the folder's Default workflow 3.

  5. Select the Folder option 4. Depending on how you created the folder, it may already be selected.

  6. Choose the default view 5 for your folder.

  7. Specify who you want to share 6 the folder with.

  8. Click Create 7.

Your folder is created, and you can edit these settings at any time.


Is there a way to edit the author field?

The author field is a system field that shows historical information on who created the item (project/folder/task etc.) and it can't be modified manually.