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Folder and Project Info Panels

If your workspace looks different, or if you can't follow the instructions described on this page you might have the New Wrike Experience enabled. Click here to find out more.

All users (including Collaborators) on all account types can see Folder and Project info panels.

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Open a Folder or Project’s Info Panel

  1. Select a Folder or Project from the Workspace’s left-hand Navigation panel. 1
  2. Click the “Folder info” button 2 (located on the top right-hand corner of the List View panel).

The Folder or Project’s info panel will open to the right of the List View panel.


Navigate Info Panels

From a Folder or Project’s info panel you can:

  • Tag a Folder or Project in additional locations.
  • Attach files directly to the Folder or Project. 1
  • View and edit who the Folder or Project is shared with. 2
  • Change the Folder or Project’s default workflow.
  • View and edit who follows the Folder or Project. 3
  • Access a Folder or Project’s Permalink or direct email address. 4
  • Click the menu button 5 to access options to: print the info panel, delete the Folder or Project, close the info panel.
  • View the Folder or Project’s Custom Fields and edit data in those fields.
  • Add information to the Folder or Project’s description field.
  • Add a comment directly to the Folder or Project. 6


In addition to the above, you will also be able to view and edit a Project’s attributes from its info panel.