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Folder Item View

Table 5. Availability - Legacy plans


All users can view folder item view, and all users except collaborators can use them to edit folders.

Folder item view are a quick way to access relevant information about folders, edit them, and add information or files.

Open the folder item view

  1. From the workspace's sidebar, navigate to the space that contains the relevant folder.

  2. Select a Folder 1 from the workspace’s sidebar.

  3. Click the Folder info 2 icon located near to the folder's title at the top.

The folder's item view will open to the right of the panel.

Navigate the folder item view

From a folder's item view you can:

  • Rename a folder 1.

  • Tag a folder in additional locations 2.

  • View the author name 3.

  • View created date 4.

  • View folder ID 5.

  • Access a folder's permalink 6.

  • Attach files directly to folder 7.

  • Create approvals 8.

  • Add information to the folder's description field 9.

  • Add a comment directly to the folder 10.

By using the three-dot menu in the top-right corner of the item view, you can:

  • Expand the folder item view to full screen or open it in new tab 1.

  • Duplicate and save the folder as a blueprint 2.

  • View and edit with whom the folder is shared with 3.

  • View and edit who follows folder 4.

  • Print the item view or update through email 5.

  • Delete the folder 6.

  • Change the folder's item type 7.

  • Change the folder's default workflow 8.