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Assigning and Unassigning Tasks From Job Roles


All users except for collaborators can assign tasks to job roles unless it's restricted by their access role.

Assigning tasks to job roles gives you the ability to quickly overview which people need to work on each of the tasks. You’ll also be able to group the tasks in the Backlog Box of a Workload chart when you're ready to assign them to actual employees.


Users don't get notifications when a task is assigned to the job role that they have. You can go to the Workload chart to assign this task to a user who will be working on it. A task is automatically unassigned from its job role when you assign it to a user with the same job role.

Assign and unassign tasks from job roles

You can add job roles as assignees to:

  • All tasks in your account

  • Task templates

  • Blueprint tasks, if you have Blueprints enabled in the account


It's not possible to add job roles as assignees in recurrent tasks.

Assign a task to a job role

  1. In Task view, click + Add assignee. Alternatively, click the assignee icon in List view.

  2. In the window that appears, start typing the name of the role and click it.


    Use mass editing to assign or unassign multiple tasks from job roles.

The task is assigned to the job role. You can also assign tasks to job roles in Table view and on the table part of the Gantt chart.

To unassign a task from a job role, hover over the job role in the assignee section and click the X that appears.