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Creating Custom Work Schedule

Table 79. Availability - Legacy plans


Account admins can create new custom work schedules. On Enterprise accounts, this right can be revoked.

If some users in your account work on a different schedule from other team members, you can create a custom schedule and assign it to them.


If you need a work schedule that slightly differs from one of the existing ones, you can duplicate the existing schedule instead of creating a new one and then edit the resulting copy.

Create a custom work schedule

  1. Click your profile image in the workspace’s upper-right corner.

  2. Select Settings from the dropdown.

  3. Click Work Schedules in the left panel.

  4. Click + Create new from the left side of the view.

  5. Enter a title for the work schedule.

  6. Press Enter on your keyboard to save the new schedule.

  7. Now you can customize the new schedule:

Once you finish setting up the schedule, you can assign it to all relevant users.


Is there a limit to the number of custom schedules in an account?

No. There is no limit to the number of work schedules you can add.