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Duplicating Work Schedules

Table 89. Availability - Legacy plans


Account admins can duplicate custom work schedules. On Enterprise accounts, this right can be revoked.

If you need to create an account work schedule that differs from your existing ones, you can duplicate any existing work schedule, including the default schedule, and make adjustments to the schedule copy.

When you duplicate a work schedule, the resulting copy will contain:

Your newly duplicated work schedule will not be assigned to any user by default. You can assign it after creating it.

Duplicate work schedules

  1. Click your profile image in your workspace’s upper-right corner

  2. Select Settings from the dropdown menu

  3. Click Work Schedules in the left panel

  4. Hover over the title of the relevant work schedule in the list

  5. Click the duplication icon that appears on the right of the schedule

  6. Alternatively, click on the relevant schedule and then click the duplication icon next to its title

The duplicated work schedule will open automatically. If necessary, you can then:

Next, you can assign the schedule to relevant users.


Is there a limit to the number of custom schedules in an account?

No. There is no limit to the number of work schedules you can add.