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Deleting Spaces

Table 45. Availability - Legacy plans


Only space admins can delete spaces they manage. To delete a locked space, the space admin must also be an account admin.

You can delete a space that you no longer need. Once deleted, the space disappears for all users in the account.

The deleted spaces, along with all its items, are put in the Recycle bin. The space itself shows up as a folder within the bin. If needed, you can later restore this folder and create a space from it.


If you delete a Locked space, all its contents are permanently deleted.

If some item from the deleted space was cross-tagged with a different space, it stays visible there and isn't transferred to the Recycle bin.

Delete a space

  1. Navigate to the relevant space in the sidebar.

  2. Click the three-dot menu button 1 below the space's title.

  3. Select Delete space2

  4. Click Delete in the pop-up to confirm your decision.