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Automation in Spaces

Table 215. Availability - Legacy plans


Wrike's automation in spaces empowers you and your team to optimize workflows and enhance productivity. By leveraging space automation, you can streamline repetitive tasks, improve collaboration, and save valuable time.

  • Versatile Automation: Wrike's space automation applies to tasks, projects, and all custom item types, offering flexibility for automating various work items.

  • Granular Scope Control: You can define the scope of automation rules within spaces, targeting the entire space or specific locations as needed. This ensures precise and relevant automation.

  • Space-Level Administration: Automation management is accessible to space admins, allowing for delegated configuration and agile implementation.

Create space automation rules

Space admins can create automation rules in their spaces.

  1. Navigate to the relevant space.

  2. Click the gear icon to open the space's settings.

  3. Select the Automation tab.

  4. Click Create rule if it's the first rule in the space or +Add rule to add more rules to the space.

  5. Rule constructor opens, there:

    1. Set the scope of the rule:

      1. Select which work items the rule will apply to: Regular tasks, regular projects, certain space-level or account-level custom item types.

      2. Select the location where the rule will apply: In the drop-down choose Specific locations and then specify the relevant folders and projects within the space, or choose Entire space. You can select up to 10 locations.

    2. Add one of the available triggers

    3. (Optional) Add one or more conditions

    4. Add one or more of the available actions

  6. Click Create.

Managing automation rules in spaces: Edit and delete

Space admins can manage automation rules in their spaces.

  1. Navigate to the relevant space and click the gear icon to open the space's settings.

  2. Select the Automation tab.

  3. Here you see the list of all space automation rules:

    1. To disable a rule, switch the toggle to the left of the rule name.

    2. To edit a rule, click on it, make the necessary changes in the rule constructor that opens, and then click Done.

    3. To delete a rule, right-click it, select Delete, and confirm your decision in the pop-up.


Is there a limit to the number of space automation rules I can create?

Yes, space automation rules count toward the overall account rule limit. The limit is based on your account subscription, go to Automation in Wrike to learn more about limits.