♾️ Releases - Gantt Charts, document scanners, and a lot of copies (10/12/20)

Feature Updates

  • Gantt Chart Redo

Not only can you undo actions in the Gantt Chart; you can now redo them as well.

  • Delete File Versions

From now on, all Wrike users (except collaborators) can delete file versions! Here's how to do it; open a list of file versions (in the proofing window), hover over the version you want to delete, click the three-dot menu button, and click Delete.

  • Wrike for iOS Ver.4.0.5

We've added two new features to our iOS app; Document scanner and text recognition!
If you're working with paper documents, you can simply scan them in our app and attach them to the task, folder, or project. To do so: go to attachments of a task/folder/project, try to add a new attachment, and select to Scan Document.


If you want to quickly transfer text from a paper document to a task description or comment: press the new scanner icon in the description field toolbar or comment field and take a photo of your document. The Wrike app will automatically convert it.


Note - Text recognition in languages other than English may not be 100% accurate.

  • Duplicate Items Multiple Times

We've added the option to create multiple copies of one task/folder/project at once. When you open the duplication dialog you will see a checkbox Add another. If you check it, after clicking Duplicate the same duplication dialog stays in place and you can create a new copy of the same item. You can adjust what needs to be copied for each new copy of a task/folder/project, and this works with duplicating blueprints too.

  • Starred Tasks in Personal Space

You can now find all of your Starred tasks in your personal space under a new smart list in the left-hand navigation.
Note - Starred tasks will no longer appear in the Inbox from December 1st.


  • Attaching Files From Box

Some of you experienced trouble with attaching files from Box to comments. Now fixed.

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