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COVID-19 - Remote Collaboration

  • To help you stay in the loop, weโ€™ve set up a resources page with the most important updates related to COVID-19.
  • We've also set up a 'Remote Collaboration' section on our online Community, where you can learn and discuss how to get the best out of working remotely with tips, announcements, best practices and more.
  • You can find out more about the steps we're taking to support our customers at this time in this update from our CEO and founder, Andrew Filev.

Feature Updates

Customize Cards on the Board View

You won't be "board'' reading these announcements! Now you can add custom field values and how long a task has been in a status to a task card in Board view.

File Approval Comments

You can now see the number of comments on a file when you create an approval. That's one approval you can count on.

Old Table View Sunset

We'll have to table this for now - the old Table view has been disabled from all accounts.


Password Reset

Sometimes, when you tried to reset your password from login.wrike.com/login, you got a broken reset link in emails. Fixed!

Filter Presets

In some cases, when you tried to save a filter preset, nothing happened. This is now fixed.

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@...ย this is terrific re: the addition of data to Board View. ย Completely unexpected, practically made my day! ย Being in Customer Success I'm sure you're aware of the various studies about how doing well by a dissatisfied customer can turn the customer into one of your greatest evangelists. ย With this type of release you are well on the right track!

This has been a real pain point for my particular use of Wrike. ย I am not aware of a substantive improvement to Boards, one of your weaknesses, in the over 2 yrs I've been using or testing Wrike. ย You have a ton of requests for both more Custom Field visibility, and Board View improvements, in the community (sorry I don't have time right now to link to them, there are a lot!). ย I'm sure some of those have been met with this.

I'd like to add that this also gives a good illustration about how Custom Fields could use some color. ย In my case, I'd been categorizing my Tasks for particular development work: ย Bugs, QA, Deployment, etc. ย I had them in folders, but I'd wanted them as Custom Fields. ย Now I can do that. ย But you can see here how the color of the Folders really helps, I think, vs. using Custom Fields:


You guys have the request here:


and now you have a new way to see the contrast with this release!

Might I also suggest that you take a moment and communicate around the community where you have those requests re: Custom Field visibility and Board View improvements, and let people know about this release? ย Also, I would really implore you guys to communicate in the community when you have this type of release coming that actually is something being requested. ย A big pain point of mine with you guys is lack of alignment with your releases, and requests in the community. ย And I'm not alone, about all the threads I'm interested in have very dissatisfied posters most vocal! ย I feel like you personally are going a great job, but there is clear disconnect - I don't know if it's with you and the Product Team, the Product Team and the community, or wherever internally, but you guys could do some good work to get this fixed. ย You release stuff all the time, and I don't get the sense that is well apparent in the community. ย I am sure you could have commented somewhere in the myriad of requests that this improvement as imminent, and made a lot of people happy. ย As it stands, this was a complete surprise, unless I missed where you put I a message that this was coming...

Either way, excited for this release, thanks again!

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Hi Al Sape, glad to hear that you're excited about this new improvement to Board View!ย 

We're always looking for ways to improve our processes, so your feedback is very much appreciatedย ๐Ÿ˜Š

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@...ย thank you for the response and glad to hear you thought my post was useful. ย I saw you got out to a few of the threads re: Custom Fields, I applaud that I'm sure it's well received.

Along the lines of releases, I wanted to point out these two threads that I'm following and their recent activity:



I will spare you the headache of jumping in and adding to the fire myself, but I echo the sentiment of my fellow Wrike users Boris Vaugenotย and Arron Martensen. ย Your Product Team should really show themselves in response to the wave of reasonable sentiment about you guys ignoring requests, hiding your heads in the sand, and generally appearing to not care about users. ย It is the exact opposite of Agile and Lean, which I'm guessing most of your users heavily believe in.

I continue to have hope for Wrike and appreciate your individual efforts, but it is downright painful to see this constant flow in this ilk and stick with Wrike at the same time...

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This a great and unexpected improvement, very happy to see this. I agree with Al Sape, having different colors for each custom field value would be helpful when trying to visually scan a Board. There is a similar challenge with checkbox custom fields - there is a checkbox icon (a checked box) shown, then the checkbox field name, then another icon showing if the checkbox is checked or not. This could be simplified by simply having two options for the checkbox icon - one a checked box, one an empty box. All in all a great update and excited to see what more is in store.

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Hi Mark Silvanovich, I'm very glad to hear you you're happy about the Board View improvement, and thank you for your feedback!ย 

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