Deployment Tips and Pitfalls

Hi Wrike Community!

I'm deep in the deployment process for an Educational Publishing company with 70+ users

Wondering if anyone had tips, or pitfalls to be wary of, when deploying/releasing Wrike?

Particularly around setting up functional work spaces, creating successful Blueprints and successful on-boarding team.

Any advice would be most welcome.


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Hi Jem! Hope you're enjoying using Wrike so far!

You should check out the Onboarding section of our Community! It's a really good place to find a lot of information about how to ensure your team is onboarded in the way that suits them best. Here are some posts that I think will really help you;

Our Help Centre is full of great resources to help you with deploying Wrike to your team. Here are some articles based on the features you were asking about;

Also make sure to check out our Wrike Discover courses! They're a great way to learn about Wrike's functionalities, and I'm sure your team will get great use out of them for learning about all aspects of the product. Here are a few that should help you now;

Also if you're interested, I've written my own article on Spaces which you might find helpful!

If you have any other questions let me know! 😊


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